10 Tights For Tall Women That Won't Slip Down

The phrase "good things come in small packages" is certainly applicable if we're talking about babies, children, and individually wrapped Swiss chocolates. But there are times when smaller isn't sweeter and when the famous saying is nothing short of maddening. Imagine you're shopping for tights for tall women that won't slip down past your knees before the end of your morning commute — in that case, although they may come in small packages, all tights are most definitely not created equal.

Whether your legs are long, your torso is longer, or some combination of the two, it can be super tricky finding lengthy tights that fit perfectly. Search long enough and you will come across tights that don't rip, the perfect tights for big thighs, and even literary print tights to satisfy every fashion-loving bookworm. But if you're shopping for tights that won't force you to pull them so hard you create holes in the feet — tights that won't leave you with a gaping droop in crotch because they can't be pulled higher than your pelvic bone — well, you're going to need a lot of luck because those are quite the challenge to find.

But all hope is not lost: these 10 pairs of tights for tall women won't slip down. Because if there's one thing no one should have to do, its hide in the corner of a crowded train to strategically lift tights up over your clothes without anyone catching you.

Opaque Tights That Come In A Variety Of Sizes & Colors

HUE Super Opaque Control-Top Tight, $10-22, Amazon

One too many brands assume all tall women have identically tall bodies — but HUE Super Opaque Control-Top Tight comes in five sizes — four of which fit up to 6'0" and one of which is designed to fit a weight of between 255-300 pounds. The stretch microfiber material ensures a comfortable fit, while a sandal toe foot prevents tearing and ripping at the feet. This opaque style comes in 10 shades that include Red Clay (shown here), Espresso, and Shadow Olive.

Not Too Thick, Not Too Thin, Perfect Tall Girl Tights

Berkshire Luxe Tight, $7-11, Amazon

These opaque tights have a cotton blend crotch and come in tall, as well as plus, sizes (if you're over six feet, it's recommended that you order a 1x-2x). Reviewers say the stretch is comfortable and the fit is never binding, they hold up after multiple hand washings, and that they won't slip down — even on tall frames. They aren't as thick as other opaque tights, which is something to keep in mind if you find even the slightest transparency in your hosiery irritating.

Plus Size Tights That Come In Extra Long

Donatella Hosiery Plus Size 80 Denier Opaque Tights, $18-24, Amazon

These opaque, semi-matte tights come in four plus sizes: short, long, and extra long, the latter of which fits up to 6'1" frames. They're made from stretchy microfiber with gussett at the front and back, have great stretch on the hips, and won't force you to pull and pull and pull to get them over your crotch. The sizing for these is European, which means you should always play it safe and order up a size if you're worried about their fit.

Velvety Tights That Fit Like A Dream

Wolford Velvet Dr Luxe 50 Tights, $45-49, Amazon

Sure, they might not be made with actual velvet (but you can thank polyamide and elastane for their elasticity and softness), but these Wolford Velvet tights are a stretchy, comfy dream come true for women of all sizes — from X-small to X-large. Reviewers say these are worth every penny and that they have an excellent quality and fit. They feature a soft knitted waistband, cotton gusset, and shadow toe.

Smooth Blackout Tights With Maximum Opacity

Hanes X-Temp Blackout Tight, $13-18, Amazon

If it's super important to you to have the most opaque black tights imaginable, this will be your new go-to pair. These tights have a high waist that has a smoothing effect from bra to hips and they have a sewn-in elastic waistband that keeps them from slipping. Tall reviewers are grateful for the high waist and say these tights are soft, but durable and unlikely to snag.

Transition Tights Made For Dancers With A Snug Waistband

Capezio Ultra Soft Transition Tight, $13-20, Amazon

If you're going to take advice about tights from anyone, you can't do much better than a dancer. These Capezio transition tights are semi-opaque, made from 100 percent nylon, and come in 10 shades including mocha (shown here), dark suntan, and cocoa. They also come in several sizes, including XX-Large for frames that are 6'1" to 6'2". But the real draw here is the very snug elastic waistband, which may take a few wears to get used to, but pretty much guarantees these tights are never going to slip out of place.

Fishnet Stockings In Extended Sizes

Frenchic Fishnet Lace Stocking Tights, $24 (6 Pack), Amazon

You'll get six unique pairs of fishnet stockings when you order this packet, which comes in extended sizes like 1x-2x and 3x-4x to fit a variety of body shapes — petite and tall (size 1x-2x is suitable for 5'2" to 6'2" and 150-225 pounds). Reviewers say the quality of this fishnet material is outstanding and that they can pull up over the waist without a problem. A great fit and low risk of ripping like so many other patterned tights.

Plaid Tartan Sweater Tights That Keep Your Legs Warm

MeMoi Scottish Plaid Tartan Sweater Tights, $11-18, Amazon

These fun tartan plaid tights come in six shades and can comfortable fit up to 5'10." These tights are made from cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex and are as warm as they look. Reviewers say these won't give you the dreaded "droopy crouch" we all want to avoid and that they're "thick," "strong," and the pattern will never stretch out.

Colorful Semi-Opaque Tights That Aren't Constricting

MOOCHI 80 Denier Semi Opaque Tights, $10, Amazon

With 12 solid color choices, a semi-opaque finish, and mostly nylon and spandex construction, these MOOCHI tights are fun, comfortable, and boast three times more hooking resistance so that there's less chance of them slipping as you move around. Don't be turned off by the "one size fits all" model — one reviewer who is 5'11" and 160 pounds wrote that these fit well, while another plus size reviewer who cites her measurements as 5'7" and 225 pounds also raves about the fit.

Durable Opaque Stockings With A Mid-Rise Waistband

No Nonsense Super Opaque Control-Top Tights, $6-10, Amazon

If you hate, hate, hate the sensation of a waistband over your stomach, but need opaque stockings that will stay in place, these control-top tights are for you. Tall reviewers say they fit great and are strong and lasting. There are no less than four size options for frames up to 6'0" and four neutral shades — espresso (shown here), teal, cobblestone, and black — complement a variety of outfits.

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