The 11 Funniest 'Friends' Scenes Involving The Kids — Including That Iconic Holiday Armadillo

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Let’s face it: even though the group in Friends were already well into adulthood in the first season, they had plenty of moments when they didn’t quite act like it. When you add kids into the mix, it brought even more hilarious results. Many of Friends’ most hilarious moments involved characters' children, from Joey and Chandler losing Ben on the bus after taking him around the city to Emma’s birthday disaster — complete with an erotic cake. The kids of Friends were at the root of plenty misadventures.

The show's children were also part of some iconic Friends moments that no fan will ever forget. “The One With The Holiday Armadillo” remains the series' absolute best holiday episode, with Ross dressing up as an armadillo to try to get Ben interested in learning about his Jewish roots during Hanukkah. Years later, Ross uses an unconventional “lullaby” to make Emma stop crying — Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Even though Rachel is offended by him singing the song, she begrudgingly sings it to Emma and by the end of the episode sings it with Ross, complete with dance moves.

If you want to revisit those moments, here are 11 of the funniest Friends scenes involving the kids.


Rachel Babysitting Ben

Before having Emma, Rachel has to babysit Ben and decides to be his “fun Aunt Rachel.” She teaches him all the pranks she knows, much to Ross’ dismay. Afterwards, he tells Rachel that Ben pranked him by wrapping the toilet bowl with Saran wrap — causing his pee to splash all over while barefoot. But even more is hilarious is the fact that Ross is completely oblivious to the pencil line across his face.


Chandler And Joey Losing Ben

When Ben is a baby, Chandler and Joey embrace their babysitting duties by using Ben to talk to women. This plan backfires as soon as they realize they've lost Ben on the bus, prompting a trek around the city to find him.


Amy Piercing Emma's Ears

Whenever Amy visits Rachel, she always manages to do something to get on Rachel's nerves. But their biggest incident is when Amy decides Emma looks too much like a boy — so she decides to pierce Emma's ears without Rachel's consent. Instead of apologizing, she declares that it helped her find her calling as a "baby stylist."


Ross Having A Barbie Debacle

Ross' outrage over Ben playing with a Barbie is problematic, to say the least. Ben loves his Barbie, but Ross wants him to play with more "masculine" toys like G.I. Joe. Instead of convincing Ben to stop playing with his doll, Joey and Ross use this as an opportunity to get in touch with their inner child.


Monica Banging Ben's Head Against The Ceiling

Even though Monica is often the most responsible out of all the friends, she still slips up sometimes. While babysitting Ben, she accidentally bangs his head while playing "the airplane game." She tries to do everything she can to hide his injury, but Ben starts saying "Monica bang!"


Emma Saying Her First Words

Ross and Rachel have been awaiting the moment of Emma's first words, but are disappointed when they realized "gleeba" is not a word. This causes them to desperately try to find a meaning to it.


Chandler Accidentally Revealing To Frank Jr.’s Kids That Phoebe Gave Birth To Them

Chandler has plenty of moments where he puts his foot in his mouth. So, naturally, he's the one who accidentally reveals to Frank Jr.'s kids that Phoebe gave birth to them. Their reactions are priceless.


Ben Getting His Name

During Ben's birth, Ross and Susan spend the whole time trapped in a janitor's closet. They decide to name Ben after the name tag on the janitor's uniform found in the closet, which Phoebe wears to climb through the vent and get them out.


Emma Having Her First Birthday

Emma's first birthday is a complete disaster — making this a hilarious episode. Everything goes wrong, from Rachel mistakingly receiving an erotic cake, to Phoebe accidentally reading a book to the guests about finding the g-spot.


Ross Singing "Baby Got Back"

After Ross sings "Baby Got Back" to Emma, he realizes that the song instantly makes her stop crying. Rachel's not too thrilled with this, but ends up singing an incredibly funny duet with Ross — booty shaking and all.


Ross Creating The Holiday Armadillo

Ross is disappointed that Ben shows a lot more interest in Christmas and Santa rather than his Jewish roots, so he decides to do something about it. Unfortunately, Hanukkah costumes aren't available, thus creating the Holiday Armadillo.

If you want to see more hilarious hijinks involving the kids, it's time to marathon all of Friends again.