Watch These 11 Sexy Movies On Netflix in January

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It's January and you know what that means — it's time to snuggle up with a cuddly blanket, hot cocoa, and a good ol' movie on Netflix. And even if you don't have a cuddle partner, you can still get that lovin' feeling with some of the sexiest movies on Netflix in January 2017. Just because it's cold outside in the dead of winter doesn't mean it can't be steamy on your TV or laptop. (But not too steamy.)

Netflix has graced viewers with so many options for winter viewing, but why not option for a steamy, sexy movie to warm up your screens. After all, there's nothing quite like an erotic thriller or a moody romance to turn the heat up without actually fiddling with the thermostat, if you know what I'm saying. This month, the streaming service is offering plenty movie options to get its viewers hot and bothered, because seriously, it's freezing outside — and it's going to be like this until Spring, which feels like so long from now.

So if you're looking to heat up your TV screen and you're tired of watching the looping fireplace, turn up the heat by checking out these steamy, sexy movies on Netflix in January 2017.


'Cruel Intentions'

Every '90s kid remembers this romp about sexual manipulations among Manhattan's elite teens starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Philippe, and Selma Blair.


'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

Adèle and Emma fall madly, deeply in love and reach new sexual heights with each other in this 2013 film.



Russell and Glen meet at a nightclub and spend an entire sexy weekend together and fall in love in this 2011 movie.


'Y Tu Mama Tambien'

Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal star as two best friends who get caught up in an attraction to an older woman and, well, it gets heated among the three of them.


'Ask Me Anything'

Britt Robertson stars as Katie, a teen taking a gap year to juggle her sexual relationships with two older men. She records it all in her blog in this 2014 movie — which ends with a twist.


'Sex & Lucia'

This sexy 2001 drama follows Lucia (Paz Vega) as she copes with the sudden loss of her boyfriend.


'Bang Gang'

This 2015 film follows a group of teenagers who engage in "sex games" only to find that their ~emotions~ get the best of them.


'The Little Death'

Watch as four couples try to figure out their sex lives in this Aussie romantic comedy.


'I Am Love (Io Sono L'Amore)'

Tilda Swinton stars in this 2009 film about a Russian-born Italian woman who finds love — and a sexual awakening — with a chef, but the affair threatens to complicate her meticulously structured life.


'Nympomaniac Vol. 1 & 2'

Just like the title indicates, this Lars Von Trier epic follows the life of a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac during her many sexploits, starring Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman, and Charlotte Gainsbourg.


'Basic Instinct'

This 1992 erotic thriller is famous for a certain scene with Sharon Stone, and its many explicit sex scenes.