The 14 Best Women's Dress Pants for Work

If you work in an office, you're probably familiar with the process of finding work pants that are comfortable, functional, and easy to match with your existing tops and shoes. Although it can be difficult to find viable options that stray away from your run-of-the-mill pants, finding the best women's dress pants for work can actually be quite simple — especially if you're open to experimenting with different lengths, styles, and silhouettes.

With that being said, one of your most important goals should be comfort. No matter how great the pants look, they'll just add stress to your work day if they aren't cozy. The ideal work pants will not only fit properly, but they'll also include some sort of stretchy material (such as spandex or nylon) that'll help them move when you move. It can also be great to find pair that's loose-fitting and made with breathable materials, such as cotton. This is particularly important if you have a job where you're constantly in and out of your desk chair. Another option is exploring leggings that'll provide the same amount of comfort.

When it comes to work pants, length and color are also important factors to consider. You'll want to be sure that your pants hit where they're supposed (especially if your company has a dress code in place). And, of course, color is largely a matter of preference — but if you want to stick to more basic and easy-to-match shades, that's totally possible.

With all of these tidbits in mind, it's time to discover some of the best dress pants for work.


The Best Work Pants With A Paper-Bag Tie

Made with 73% polyester, 19% viscose, and 8% stretchy elastane, these paper bag pants are both stylish and comfortable, which makes them perfect for work and beyond. The stylish slacks feature a high-waisted design that's secured with a button and pulled together with a tie. Plus, the cropped legs easily complement any shoe type, whether you're wearing heels, boots, or flats. With four toned-down colors to choose from (such as blush, khaki, and silver), these crops are a must-have for any professional wardrobe.

  • Available sizes: XS - XXXL


Another Paper-Bag Pair With More Colors

Despite their striking similarity to the Find trousers mentioned above, Grace Karin's Paper Bag Pants are an imperative addition to this list. Made of a quality polyester-spandex blend, these pants are also high-waisted with functional side pockets. They feature an elastic waistband with a removable belt — but there aren't any buttons in the mix (which makes them stand out). With their cropped-length design, these pants are great addition to any work wardrobe. Not to mention, they come in tons of color, such as blue-gray, light gray, lavender-blush, wine, and even stripes.

  • Available sizes: XS - XXXL


3. The Best Leggings That Are Still Professional

If you thought leggings were just reserved for workouts and casual hangouts, think again. If done right, leggings can totally be worn as work pants, too.

The key to finding a pair of office-ready leggings starts with thick, reliable fabric — and with these leggings by Daily Ritual, you can't go wrong. They're made with a durable, ponte-knit blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex, ensuring a dependable fit during work. These high-waisted options come in various neutral tones like black, gray, burgundy, charcoal, and more. They also come in a variety of different lengths and sizes that'll accommodate different body types and outfits.

  • Available sizes: XS - XXL (with short, regular, long, and extra-long options)


The Best Ankle-Length Skinny Pants

Thanks to their neutral yet modern look, Amazon Essentials' ankle-length skinny pants are another great option for daily 9-to-5 wear. They're made with a cotton-elastane blend that offers a four-way stretch to keep you cozy while you're working. They also feature functional front pockets that'll help store your necessities while you're walking around office. (The back welt pockets, however, are not real.) These pants are also available in an array of colors and lengths, which will make it easy to find your go-to shades and styles.

  • Available sizes: 0 - 20 (with short, regular, and long options)


The Best Flowy Pants With A Pleated Top

Tronjori's palazzo pants are becoming a fan-favorite on Amazon, and it's easy to see why. These polyester pants — which are both comfortable and flowy — can be effortlessly dressed up or down with different shoes and tops. They feature a pleated top with material that flairs out like a skirt. Like some other work pants on this list, they also have non-functional welt pocket in the back that add a chic touch (the side pockets are real, though). These trousers even boast an elastic-free waistband with a zipper and a hook-and-eye closure. They're available in various different colors and patterns that include stripes and a snake-skin print.

  • Available sizes: XS - XXL


Comfortable Capris With Side Pockets

Similar to some other selections on this list, these wide-leg pants by Tsful have a pull-on design without a zipper or buttons. They feature a loose capri fit, making them easy to wear. They're made with a fabric blend of 60% cotton, 35% polyester, and 5% spandex — and they have a stretchy waistband for added comfort. Not to mention, these capris also have side pockets that are fully functional. You can easily pair them with just about all T-shirts, blouses, jackets, and shoes. They come in three colors, including black, army green, and navy blue.

  • Available sizes: S - XXL


The Best Cozy Culottes Without Zippers Or Buttons

These breezy, easy-to-wear culottes from Made By Johnny are both comfortable and fashionable. The cropped, gaucho-like pants are made of a soft-and-stretchy blend of rayon and spandex, and feature a high waist that can be folded for a customized wear. They're extra-easy to pull on and remove, and there are no zippers or buttons involved. Plus, their cropped length makes them a great alternative to traditional capris. Dress them up with heels or get casual with flats. Like other options mentioned, they're available in an array of colors, such as olive, wine, navy, and more.

  • Available sizes: XS - 5XL


The Best Plus-Size Pull-Ups

With over 500 five-star reviews on Amazon, Rekucci's plus-size bootcut pants have been raved about time and time again. They're made with a stretchy blend of rayon, polyester, nylon, and spandex, but the exact blends depend on the colors that you purchase. Each pair also features a pull-on design with an elasticized waistband. Like other slacks that I've mentioned, these pants have functional front pockets and faux back pockets. (They also feature a fake zip fly for a stylish flair.) These even have front and back loops to help you accessorize with your favorite belts. They also come in an array of colors like mauve, spruce, burgundy, and more.

  • Available sizes: 14 - 24 (with short options)


The Best Bootcut Pants With Some Flare

These mid-rise stretch pants by Rekucci feature narrow, slightly flared legs and a silhouette that's fitted through the hip. They're available in dozens of lengths and colors, offering something for just about everyone. Unlike the aforementioned plus-size version of Rekucci's bootcut pants — which have fully functional pockets — these are outfitted with faux pockets on the front and back. However, they do come with belt loops that allow you more options to style them. Similar to Rekucci's previously mentioned pair, these are made with a stretchy blend of rayon, nylon, spandex, and polyester (but the mixture depends on the colors that you buy).

  • Available sizes: 2 - 20 (with short and tall options)


Relaxed-Fit Work Pants With 4 Real Pockets

Lee's relaxed, straight-leg pants are loose-fitting through the leg and feature a mid-rise waist. The pants are available in over 25 colors — but, again, the fabric blends that you get will depend on the colors that you purchase. (Customers have written that they're made with differing levels of cotton.) Unlike many other pants that I've mentioned, these feature two functional pockets in the front, and two functional welt pockets in the back. They even include belt loops so you can accessorize accordingly. Plus, these are easy to secure, thanks to their zipper fly and button closure.

  • Available sizes: 2 - 20 (with short, petite, medium, and long options)


Another Plus-Size Pair With A Zip Fly & Buttons

Unlike other plus-size pants mentioned on this list, Lee's relaxed-fit pants can be secured with buttons and a zip fly. They're designed with loose-fitting straight legs that don't offer too much flare, along with functional pockets. These pants are also constructed with a mid-rise waist placement, and are made largely with cotton — but, again, the exact amount depends on which colors you choose. These come in a wide variety of sizes, lengths, and colors to suit your personal preferences.

  • Available sizes: 22W - 30W (with petite, medium, and long options)


A Work Pant With Extra Stretch

Satinato's slim trousers are crafted with 80% viscose, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex for optimal stretch and comfortability. They boast a high rating on Amazon and are offered in two different styles. One option includes a real zipper, pockets, and belt loops for a comfortable, yet functional wear. Another doesn't have any zipper closures and uses an easy pull-up design (similar to leggings). Both options are suitable for work, though. These come in an array of colors, such as black, charcoal, dark brown.

  • Available sizes: 0 - 18


A Pair Of Full-Length Pants For Longer Coverage

These pants from Amazon Essentials offer the classic look of full-length skinny pants with the feel of comfy stretch pants. They come as longer an alternative to the aforementioned Amazon Essentials Ankle Pant selection, and are made with a stretchy blend of cotton and elastane. Similar to their ankle-height counterpart, these offer authentic front pockets and non-functional back welts. They also have real belt loops attached to the waistline. These come in various colors, patterns, and lengths for customizable styling.

  • Available sizes: 0 - 20 (with short, regular, and long options)


Sateen Skinny Pants For Work & Beyond

These skinny jeans by Daily Ritual are offered in brushed sateen fabric — and they can easily be transformed into a pair of dailywear work pants. Crafted from 60% Tencel lyocell, 38% cotton, and 2% spandex, they rank high in both the style and comfort categories. Plus, they have not four — but five — functional pockets. You can choose from various muted and neutral colors, such as dark gray, dark olive, dusty olive, off-white, and more.

  • Available sizes: 2 - 16

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