The 15 Scariest Holiday Movies Streaming Right Now

Umbrella Entertainment

Between the relentless atmosphere of cheer and goodwill during the coldest, darkest time of year, and the endless push towards capitalist consumption under the guise of charity, the holidays can make you feel like you're stuck in your own personal horror movie — albeit one with a pop soundtrack blaring from every speaker. Why not scrape off some of the jolliness and vent some ire at the same time by diving deep into the grim side of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Nothing brings people closer than shared irritation and/or wide-eyed fear, so gather the family around the TV and check out some of the scariest holiday horror movies streaming now.

It's not surprising that considering Christmas is a holiday in which participants await a powerful bearded stranger slipping into their houses while they sleep, many holiday horror films center around the terror of home invasion. Black Christmas, Red Christmas, Bloodbeat, and Better Watch Out all feature maniacs, thrill killers, or ghost samurai breaking and entering. What with all the red, an obsession with the material, and a near anagram, Santa's a little to close to Satan for some folks, too. Films like Rare Exports and All Through the House play on the sheer terror of Christmas' supposedly benevolent figurehead. Whether you've been naughty or nice, these films are sure to put the spirits back in Christmas.

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