The 18 Most Popular Audiobooks Of The Past Two Decades, According To Audible

Audible is turning 20 this year, and part of the audiobook-subscription service's birthday bash involves releasing a list of its 18 most popular audiobooks of the past two decades. There are more than a few surprises on Audible's list — like the fact that The Martian by Andy Weir is the audiobook with the most five-star reviews —  so let's take a look at the birthday celebration and discover what we're all listening to on our commutes.

If you have never before been a fan of audiobooks, now is the perfect time to try them out. Whether you listen on your commute, in the gym, or when you're doing chores around the house, there's probably an audiobook that's just what you need to maximize your passive productivity. So why not get started while Audible is giving its audiobooks away for free?

Audible is pairing its 20th anniversary with 20 Days of Deals for members new and old. Through Nov. 20, the audiobook platform will be giving away a ton of awesome prizes, including free audiobooks, download credits, and even T-shirts. In order to capitalize on the swag Audible is giving away this month, you will need an active account with the service, but don't worry, because users still on their 30-day free trials can still take part in Audible's 20 Days of Deals.

Free audiobooks and other merchandise aren't the only tricks Audible has up its sleeve this month. The audiobook-subscription service launched a collection of works in Mandarin on Nov. 8, and made its Chinese-language Classic Nursery Rhymes audiobook "available as a special free download," according to The Bookseller. An all-new service, Audible Romance, also debuted this month, making it easier than ever for romance-novel readers to find audiobooks that are right for them.

If you need some inspiration for your next literary listen, check out the 18 most-popular audiobooks of the last two decades below. According to Audible, these are the audiobooks your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors go to whenever they need to listen to a good read.