The Most Insane Things That've Ever Happened On 'GOT'

Getting ever closer to the final episodes of Game Of Thrones makes you realize how many insane things the HBO show has gotten away with. Some of the craziest GOT moments will leave you in awe, while others will leave you saying "eww." No one needs to see anyone's eyes get poked out, that's for sure. More often than not, Game Of Thrones leaves fans without the words to really describe what they just witnessed. Seriously, weddings will never be the same thanks to this show. A word to the wise? Just start running if you ever hear the "Rains Of Castamere" at a reception. Trust me.

What we've learned over the course of six season is that nothing good can last (R.I.P. Jon Snow and Ygritte's love), but sometimes the bad guys get what they deserved. (Ramsay, I'm looking at you buddy.) It's these shocking moments, though, that keep fans tuning in week in and week out, wondering what else Game Of Thrones could possibly do to surprise us. As it turns out, the answer is a lot.

So before the new season premieres on July 16, it's worth looking back at those moments that you can't forget and others that you wish you didn't remember.

Bran Goes Out The Window

After catching siblings Cersei and Jamie Lannister in the heat of passion, Bran gets pushed out the window. Jamie doesn't even think twice about it, even after seeing how far the drop from the castle wall is. He just says, "The things I do for love." Yes, he will paralyze a 10-year-old boy for love. Now that's evil.

Off With Ned Stark's Head

It didn't take long before this show was shocking us to our core. The penultimate episode of the first season saw our beloved Ned Stark — the perceived hero of the series, BTW — lose his head. We are all Arya watching in horror of what would be just the first of many soul-crushing moments of this show.

Daenerys Is The Mother Of Dragons

Daenerys proved she was the Khaleesi by being burned alive only to appear unharmed with her precious dragons by her side. Yeah, that's pretty badass.

The Red Wedding

Walter Frey will not let his daughter be ignored. After Robb Stark chooses to marry someone else other than Frey's daughter, the old man ambushes the Stark family in the last five minutes of the episode. He takes the lives of Robb, his mother Catelyn, his wife Talisa, and their unborn child in the bloodiest conclusion of a wedding I've ever seen.

Theon Greyjoy Loses His Little Greyjoy

Whether you like Theon Greyjoy or not — he did pretend to burn two Stark children alive after taking over Winterfell — he didn't deserve to be castrated by the sadist Ramsay Bolton. Or to watch him eat a sausage right after.

Daenerys Unleashes Her Dragons

The word "dracarys" never sounded as good as when it's being used in a fire bait and switch. Quite literally, since Daenerys uses her dragons to take back the unsullied and burn Astapor alive to prove the point that there is no army that can defeat her and her dragons.

The Purple Wedding

Weddings are a bad omen on this show, so, when King Joffrey said "I do" to Margaery, it was bound to end in death. Fortunately for everyone, it was King Joffrey's death by poisoned wine served to him by his uncle Tyrion. The server was not the conspirator — that would be Olenna Tyrell — but the real shock was watching Joffrey's cold blue eyes as he took his very last breath.

Oberyn Martell's Bloody Defeat

The only man brave enough to take on The Mountain in hopes of saving Tyrion's life in a trial by combat ends up having his skull crushed in by the Lannister protector. Chivalry didn't pay in this scenario.

Tyrion's Revenge

After years of being treated like an embarrassment, Tyrion finally said enough is enough. Before escaping King's Landing hours before he'd go to trial for killing Joffrey, Tyrion grabbed a crossbow and let his dad Tywin have it while he was on the toilet. Dignity wasn't something Tywin ever gave Tyrion in life, so why would his son give it to him in death?

Ygritte's Death

Jon Snow may not have been allowed to fall in love as a member of the Night's Watch, but he did it anyway. That's why watching his Wilding girlfriend get shot in the battle for the wall by Olly is so tragic. They were the star-crossed couple you actually rooted for, a rarity on this show.

Sansa's Wedding Night To Ramsay
Helen Sloan/HBO

As Theon looks on, Sansa is brutally raped by her husband Ramsay Bolton. It was a scene that wasn't in the book and showed how savage the GOT writers could be to the eldest Stark daughter.

Cersei's Walk Of Shame

To pay for her sins, the High Sparrow forced Cersei to walk through King's Landing naked. She holds her head up high as the people berate her with shouts of "shame" and other unsavory words. It's not the nudity that is the most shocking, though; it's seeing Cersei vulnerable for the first time.

Shireen's Sacrifice

Stannis Baratheon burns his own daughter Shireen at the stake because Melisandre says it will help him win the war. In a show that has its fair share of sad moments, watching the sweet child with greyscale, who helped Ser Davos learn to read, scream for her father's help is hard to get through without the tissues.

Jon Snow's Death

The Night's Watch rebels against its leader after he tries to form an alliance with the Wildlings. Under a cross reading "traitor," each one stabs him to death saying "for the watch" right after. It's the final stabber — little Olly — that will break your heart.

Jon Snow's Alive

Sure, we all knew it was going to happen, but the scene of him opening his eyes after Melisandre proves she's got the power to bring people back from the dead will always be a feel-good moment in a show that has very few of them.

Ramsay Gets Eaten By Dogs

Sansa wasn't interested in showing remorse for the man who made her life a living hell. That's why she gives Ramsay Bolton a rather gruesome death at the jaws of some very hungry dogs. Honestly, that seems about right.

R.I.P. Hodor

The truth about the monosyllabic Hodor was heartbreaking. While warging, Bran jumped into Hodor's body and accidentally connected young Hodor with his future self. The reason Hodor lost his ability to speak was because he had seen his own death. Hodor was actually the poor man's cry of "Hold the door!" as he tried to escape the White Walkers who were looking for Bran.

Arya's Sinister Pie

Arya crossed another name off her kill list with Walder Frey, but she didn't just kill him. She made him eat a pie made from his own son first. This girl is not playing around.

Cersei Burned The Whole Thing Down

Cersei showed how diabolical she really is by burning the Sept of Baelor with wildfire. But she did so while it was full of people, taking the lives of her son Tommen's wife, Margaery, her brother Loras, and the High Sparrow himself. Long live Cersei, the queen of revenge.

This is just the beginning, though. With two more seasons to go before this game is over, there are bound to be even more moments that will leave us in shock. Hopefully, our hearts will be able to handle it.