These Are The Best Bluetooth Adapters For TV — & They're All Available On Amazon


If you want to upgrade to a smart TV without breaking the bank, it's easier than you think. All you need is one of the best Bluetooth adapters for TV, and your regular TV will instantly have the smart feature.

With Bluetooth adapters, you can easily pair Bluetooth speakers or headphones to your TV for private listening that won't disturb others. You can even walk outside and move around while staying connected wirelessly. Even better? Bluetooth adapters make it super easy to stream audio and video from your smartphone to other audio-based devices.

When you're choosing the best Bluetooth adapter for your TV, it's important to pick what functionality best suits your needs. Most Bluetooth adapters are either transmitters or are both a transmitter and receiver. Transmitters enable you to connect your non-Bluetooth TV to Bluetooth devices, while receivers allow you to stream and play stereo music from a smart device to your home entertainment system. The best options are the two-in-one adapters, but if you want a quick fix, a transmitter adapter will suffice. Also, don't forget to double check that the adapter has the same kind of audio output as your TV.

With all this in mind, read on to shop my picks for the best Bluetooth adapters.


Best Bluetooth Adapter For TV, All Things Considered

The TaoTronics Bluetooth two-in-one adapter functions as both a transmitter and a receiver for continuous streaming, even when it's charging.

Why it's great: This adapter is very easy to use and install. There's a convenient switch to activate either the transmitter or the receiver mode. With the transmitter mode, you can turn your TV into a Bluetooth-enabled one. It features low-latency data transmission to prevent lag. Plus, two Bluetooth speakers or headphones can be connected, even if they're in different rooms. The built-in aptX audio codec feature in this adapter also delivers incredible stereo surround sound. When switched to receiver mode, you also have the option to stream music and videos from your home.

What fans say: "This device is great! I’ve used it in both [transmitter] and [receiver] modes. It works with my [Bluetooth] headphones to watch late night tv without keeping others awake."


A Bluetooth Adapter With Outdoor Range

The Avantree Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter is a powerful adapter capable of extending your Bluetooth connectivity range up to 295 feet.

Why it's great: You can stream your TV audio from anywhere in your home — including the backyard! — without dropping a signal. It has a zero lip-sync delay feature that eliminates lag time, and should you want to connect two pairs of headphones at once, that's possible, too. This one's compatible with aptX HD Bluetooth headphones as well as Bluetooth devices and speakers. With this adapter, you can also switch from Bluetooth to your wired connections via a pass-through HUB, and you won't even have to disconnect or unplug your current setup.

What fans say: "This is one amazing device with wide options. It connected to my phone/headphone in matters of seconds and it has amazing range. It literally works from more than 40-50 feet without any kind of distortion. I haven't tried longer distance than that."


The Most Affordable

The Yetor portable Bluetooth transmitter is a great budget-friendly option that's perfect for anyone who only needs to connect a single Bluetooth device to the TV.

Why it's great: This small adapter features a plug-and-play design, so there's no complicated setup process or cables. All you have to do is connect it to your TV audio jack, and you're good to go. The adapter is powered by USB, so you don't have to install any software or drivers, either. Like the other adapters on this list, it quickly gives your TV Bluetooth functionality, thanks to its transmitter-only style. (For this reason, it's also great for travel.)

What fans say: "Strong and stable signal. My husband put it with a wireless speaker, that saves the space behind the [TV] for the messy wires. Very easy to install. It's small, but very functional. I would recommend this little thing."

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