The 4 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

Bluetooth speakers are the ultimate convenience. They're super portable (aka free of pesky wires) and connect to your device quickly. And while they’re easy to use, their functionality doesn't automatically make them a major investment. In fact, you can get the best budget Bluetooth speakers under $30.

So, what makes them the best? Well, Bluetooth speakers are made to be lightweight and easy to take on the go, obviously — but don't forget about all the other useful features many budget-friendly options offer.

Even the cheapest speakers don't skimp on specs, and they all have similar ones in common. Here's what you can expect from most: wide-range Bluetooth connectivity (duh!), a speaker with a built-in mic, a rechargeable battery, and a compact design. Whether you're looking for the best beach Bluetooth speakers, or a weird but genius option that's way more than just an audio player, an affordable one exists to suit your needs — trust me.

To make your search even easier, I've compiled a list of quality picks boasting ultra compact designs and wide-range connectivity, below. Keep reading to find the best one for you, then go ahead and add a pair of the best travel headphones to your cart while you're at it.