The 3 Best Brooms For Dog Hair


Attempting to sweep up dog hair with a traditional broom can be a frustrating chore. That's because pet hair is notorious for slipping through the fiber bristles of traditional brooms. Instead of being swept up into a neat pile, pet hair instead flies up into the air and across the room. That's why buying one of the best brooms for dog hair is a great idea if you want to be able to remove pet hair from your floors quickly and efficiently.

To sweep up pet hair specifically, choose a broom made with rubber bristles that attract pet hair to them, so it'll be that much easier to sweep hair and dust into piles that you can pick up with a dustpan. If your home has a mixture of both carpets and wood floors, look for one that's designed to tackle both (think gentler bristles that won't damage hardwood). Some pet owners even report that the brooms below work better than vacuums at removing clumps of dog hair from carpets.

However, if carpet is the main type of flooring in your house, you may also want to consider a pet hair rake. These rakes have extra-stiff bristles that make them effective at pulling out dog hair from carpet. When you're done cleaning, both pet hair brooms and rakes can be rinsed under a sink, so they're super-easy to clean.

Take a look, below, at the best brooms for dog hair you can buy — all available on Amazon.


The Overall Best: Evriholder Furemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

You likely won't find a better quality pet hair broom for the price than this Evriholder Furemover broom. It boasts a 12-inch blade with rubber bristles that can swiftly clean pet hair off of hardwood floors, tile, and carpet. Plus, this broom has a telescopic handle that extends from 3 feet to 5 feet and a built-in squeegee to clean liquid spills. When you're done cleaning, just rinse the broom head with soapy water to wash away any remaining pet hair or grime. Nearly 6,000 Amazon fans have given this broom rave reviews.

What fans say: “We have a chocolate Lab who sheds like it's his job. I could sweep multiple times per day and still have large piles of hair. With our old broom, it just felt like I was re-distributing dog hair everywhere since the hair would get caught in the bristles. Also, I knew my vacuum wasn't doing a great job of ridding our rug and carpet of all the dog hair. That's why we decided to give this broom a try, and I am so happy we did! It works so well that it's fun to use — very satisfying being able to pick up everything the vacuum missed. It also works great on our tile.”


The Runner Up: Fox Trot Fur Buster Rubber Broom With Squeegee

Although it's a little more expensive than the previous broom on this list, this Fox Trot Fur Buster rubber broom is another great option for ridding your floors of dog hair. Thanks to its built-in squeegee and durable rubber bristles, it can be used on both wet or dry carpet, rugs, hardwood, cement, and tile flooring. You can even sweep hard-to-reach places with ease since the broom extends from 30 to 50 inches in length. And it only requires the occasional rinse with soapy water to maintain it. Even better, you can use this cleaning tool to scrub and wash your windows as well.

What fans say: "We have two very large Great Pyrenees dogs that shed every single day. We bought a Dyson made for pet hair and that was constantly getting clogged. I saw this and had to try it. It is a game changer. I use the broom on the carpets first and then vacuum. Vacuum is no longer clogging and it takes a lot less time to vacuum. Highly recommend this broom."


The Best for Carpet: Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

Even if you vacuum regularly, get ready to be impressed with how well this Grandi Groom rake works at pulling up dog hair from carpets. It has a wide 18-inch blade with extra-stiff rubber bristles that are able to remove deeply embedded pet hair and soil even better than some specialty vacuums. You can also use this rake in conjunction with a vacuum to make your carpet look like new again. Bonus: It is so strong and durable, you can even use it to clean artificial grass.

What fans say: “I own two dogs (short hair and long hair) so I have a constant battle with hair. This tool pulls it out of my rugs in literally a couple of minutes! If I need to spruce up, I can spend two minutes and get all the hair out of my two main living spaces. The hair sticks in the teeth and just pulls right out. It pulls the hair from deep into the pile that vacuums can't get — even my Dyson Animal. It looks as good as a vacuum because of the nice comb effect. It also is smart to do before vacuuming as it will reduce the work of your vacuum, reduce the stuff in the bag or canister, and it will just get the dirt. I saw a carpet cleaner use one of these before cleaning my carpet years ago and finally bought one. Best purchase ever.”

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