The 3 Best Espresso Machines Under $100

To help you refuel for less, I've rounded up the best espresso machines under $100 to fit different lifestyles. One is portable, a few are great for single serves, and another can make 60 ounces of espresso at once. Whatever your preferences, there’s an inexpensive espresso maker for you.

To make espresso, these machines push a small amount of almost boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee. Below, I’ve included three different types: two automatic options that use either Nespresso or Lavazza pods; a steam-powered automatic model that uses espresso grounds; and a manual pump pick that's portable and uses Nespresso pods, but requires no electric or battery-based power source; although it does require access to hot water.

While pods are conveniently pre-measured for single-servings, they can be a bit expensive and a hassle to reorder and recycle (if that's important to you). While ground espresso does require measuring and a little more clean up, your options for brands, roasts, and price points is much broader.

Not all machines include a milk frother. But if frothy milk is a must-have, two picks below come with manual frothers built-in. But for those the units that don’t include a frother, this handheld milk frother is a compact, budget option or this one-touch milk frother is just as automatic as the automatic espresso machine pick.

Check out the best espresso machines for under $100 on Amazon; they're all highly rated.