The 3 Best Floor Lamps For Bright Light


When it comes to reading, working on crafts or projects, or lighting up an otherwise dark room, sometimes the brightest floor lamp possible is what you need. As you shop, keep in mind that the best floor lamps for bright lights typically share the following characteristics:

  • LED bulbs: The brightest floor lamps generally use LED lights. That's because LED lights give off a higher output of light versus other types of bulbs.
  • Multiple brightness settings: A great floor lamp lets you choose between different levels of brightness to find the level that's most suitable for your activity. Some also allow the color of the light to be changed, as well.
  • Adjustability: Rather than having to move the entire lamps, the best floor lamps allow you to swivel or adjust the neck to direct light in a different direction.
  • Minimalist design: The brightest floor lamps also tend to be very utilitarian and modern in appearance, so don't expect to find any decorative or Tiffany-style lamps among them. (Fewer decorative shades mean more light reaching your room.)

Where floor lamps often differ is their price. A more expensive lamp may not necessarily be brighter than an affordable choice, but it may have more features or settings to offer, or simply be made of higher-quality materials.

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The Overall Best Floor Lamp

For the price, you likely won't find a brighter or a sleeker-looking floor lamp than this Joly Joy LED one. It boasts five brightness settings and four color temperatures (from warm yellow to stark white), allowing you to customize the lighting to your preferences. The body of the lamp has a heavy base for stability, a modern black finish, and a thin neck that can swivel 360 degrees to shine light wherever you need it.

Best of all, this floor lamp comes with a remote control, so you don't need to get up to change the settings (although, it can also be adjusted via touch settings, as well). It even comes with a 12-month warranty, making this floor lamp a fantastic deal.

What fans say: “Excellent lamp. I love the multiple colored lights — you can choose between bright white light to low yellow light, with different shades and intensities in between. It's a great height for a chair or for a bedside reading lamp. The remote works very well but needs two AAA batteries, which are not included.”


Also Great: A More Affordable Floor Lamp

You don't need to spend a lot to find a bright floor lamp. This Baltoro LED one may only have two brightness settings, but it's powerful enough to provide ample soft, white light to suit most people's needs. It also features an adjustable neck and three-year warranty. Best yet, it boasts a glowing, 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

What fans say: “I hate floor lamps in that they are usually too dark for me to do anything. This one is LED so it's really bright and, even though it's described as a work lamp, I use it to lighten up my room. The color of the light can seem cold, but it works for me. It's easy to build and relatively sturdy.”


An Investment-Worthy Floor Lamp That's Design Forward

Although it looks like a modern art sculpture, this Brightech Eclipse floor lamp is actually a long-lasting LED light source that's perfect for brightening up a dim room or concentrating light in a specific area. Its two rings can be adjusted in any direction and both give off a warm, white light. Plus, three brightness settings allow you to choose the intensity you prefer. Although pricier than the previous pick, this floor lamp comes with a three-year warranty and an elegant silver finish, which make it worth the investment.

What fans say: “I love this lamp. The base is a bit skinnier than I expected, but it's a neat lamp. It has three settings: bright, brighter, and I NEED TO SHOOT A LIVE TV SHOW BRIGHT. This lamp doesn't go with a thing, and I don't care, it's so neat.”

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