Keep Your Pillows As Good As New With These Genius Protectors

by Marisa Donnelly

Keeping your bed linens clean is a must, and the best pillow protectors ensure your pillows stay as fresh as possible. They're a barrier between your actual pillow and pillowcase, and they protect you from any unwanted allergens and bacteria. Even better? They do what they say and "protect" your pillow from wear and tear, giving it maximum longevity.

Most pillow protectors are machine washable, so they give you the flexibility to wash your pillow without washing the entire thing and potentially ruining its stuffing. Some even boast antimicrobial and waterproof qualities that help maintain cleanliness and expand your pillows' lifetime.

When searching for the best pillow protectors, there are a couple key things to keep in mind. First, the material type. If you want something extra cooling, consider a bamboo-based fabric. However, if a soft texture is what you prefer, you might want to opt for cotton or microfiber. Second, how much you're willing to spend. Some protectors — especially those loaded with premium fabrics and hardware — are pricier than others, so definitely think about your ideal budget.

Don't know where to start? Here, shop a comprehensive list of the best pillow protectors available on Amazon. Then, check out the best pillow covers for allergies and the best cooling pillowcases.


The Overall Best Pillow Protectors Considering Functionality & Value

At just $11 for a standard size, this option from Allersoft comes highly rated. The machine-washable pillow protector is made out of 100 percent cotton, making it breathable and lightweight. It has an allergen barrier and a pore size of 3-4 microns. This basically means that it's thicker than a regular pillowcase to keep bacteria and dust out — but it won't add bulk to your pillow. Just securely zip it around your pillows, and you're good to go.

  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen, and King

What fans say: "I suffer from dreaded dust mite allergies which means I fight allergy symptoms year round. I had tried a few other pillow 'encasements' before trying Allersoft, and was very disappointed ... [it] feels like a pillowcase! I could actually sleep on these and they do seem quite effective in keeping my allergies at bay."


The Best Waterproof Pillow Protectors

If you're on the hunt for a pillow protector with even more features, this Mite Free pillow protector is both cooling and waterproof. Made from a combination of polyester and nylon, this one's slightly less breathable than the one above, but it has built-in cooling control, justifying its higher price per item. It comes in a pack of two, and like most pillow protectors, this set protects against common allergens and sweat, ultimately prolonging your pillow's life. Each pillow protector is machine washable and zips closed, too.

  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen, Jumbo/Queen, and King

What fans say: "Comfortable and super clean.That's exactly what I was looking for.I travel a lot, and I need to have a perfectly clean pillow everywhere as I'm slightly allergic to dust."


A Value Pack Of Microfiber Pillowcases That Double As Protectors

For lots of pillows, a value option like this multi-pack of Utopia Bedding pillowcases is a solid alternative. At just under $30 for 12 Queen-sized microfiber cases, it's a great deal. However, unlike the options above, these cases don't have zippers to lock in protection and are slightly less breathable due to their microfiber makeup. On the plus side, they're stain- and wrinkle-resistant and can be machine washed in cold water. They're also double-stitched to protect against allergens and bacteria. Color-wise, they only come in white, so keep that in mind.

  • Available sizes: Queen

What fans say: "As an Airbnb host, we need a lot of linens. We do not buy sheet sets, and rather prefer to buy the individual sheet components in all white. These pillowcases are basic, standard issue linens, but are perfect for our needs."

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