The 3 Best Pillow Protectors


Keeping your bed linens clean is a must, and the best pillow protectors ensure your pillows stay as fresh as possible. They're a barrier between your actual pillow and pillowcase, and they protect you from any unwanted allergens and bacteria. Even better? They do what they say and "protect" your pillow from wear and tear, giving it maximum longevity.

Most pillow protectors are machine washable, so they give you the flexibility to wash your pillow without washing the entire thing and potentially ruining its stuffing. Some even boast antimicrobial and waterproof qualities that help maintain cleanliness and expand your pillows' lifetime.

When searching for the best pillow protectors, there are a couple key things to keep in mind. First, the material type. If you want something extra cooling, consider a bamboo-based fabric. However, if a soft texture is what you prefer, you might want to opt for cotton or microfiber. Second, how much you're willing to spend. Some protectors — especially those loaded with premium fabrics and hardware — are pricier than others, so definitely think about your ideal budget.

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