3 Affordable Boot Dryers That Will Save Your Favorite Boots From Winter Weather

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Wet boots are an unavoidable fact of life in the winter. However, letting moisture linger in your shoes after you take them off can potentially lead to damage to the boots' material, funky odors, and even bacteria or mold buildup. Luckily, the best portable boot dryers eliminate those issues, as they quickly dry footwear and are compact enough to take with you on a trip.

When shopping for a portable boot dryer, you'll want to keep in mind your budget, the size of the dryer, and its speed. No matter how you plan to transport it (by car, by plane, by train, or by bus), size is an important factor. Smaller, generally cheaper, portable dryers are easy to tuck into a suitcase but aren't as powerful as their larger counterparts. That said, for the fastest drying time, you might want to invest in something a bit heavier. It might require a bigger suitcase or even car trunk storage, but it'll have maximum drying power. Thankfully, there are models that fit both descriptions — and even a lightweight one that promises quick drying times — for you to peruse.

For more information on the best portable boot dryers, take a closer look at the details of these three products, below.


The Overall Best

This electric shoe dryer has a two-hour timer and a one-year warranty, offering the best value of any dryer on the market at a super affordable price point. It heats up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit and takes around two to four hours to dry most boots. Its height can even be adjusted to accommodate tall ones as well.

This machine is also approved for use with materials like leather, fabric, neoprene, PVC, rubber, and more, making it a multi-functional dryer you can use on any cold weather accessory (boots, gloves, socks — you name it). Best of all, this boot dryer folds flat when not in use, making it easy to pack and take with you.


The Smallest

For those in search of the smallest possible portable boot dryer on the market, this artSew dryer fits the bill. It comes with two mini dryers — one for each shoe — that are adjustable to fit any shoe length and height. The average dry time is around three to eight hours for a set of shoes, which is slightly longer than the other options on this list. (This product also doesn't come with a timer, so you'll have to keep an eye on the clock or set your phone timer.) However, considering its truly compact design and budget-friendly price, this dryer is worth the longer drying time.


The Most Powerful

If speed is your top priority, then consider this DryGuy DX forced air boot dryer. By far one of the fastest and most powerful options out there, it can reportedly dry most items in a mere one to two hours — and not just a single set of shoes, either. It has four drying stations that can accommodate up two sets of shoes (or a combination of shoes and other winter clothes and accessories). What's more, this dryer boasts removable extension poles that can dry boots up to 16 inches high, a three-hour timer, and an on-off heat switch.

Granted, at 15 inches wide, it's not the smallest option among portable dryers, and it's certainly not the cheapest. But if you have room to spare in a suitcase or car trunk and want the fastest option available, the DryGuy DX will have you wearing your boots again in the shortest amount of time.

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