These Small Electric Teapots Are Game-Changers If You Can't Live Without Your Cuppa

Tea drinkers, you know that the best small electric teapots (aka kettles) are a godsend. These handy appliances boil water within minutes — much faster than their stovetop counterparts — ensuring your go-to cuppa can start steeping, stat. What's more, they emit less heat, come with added safety features, and couldn't be easier to use.

When choosing the best electric tea kettle for you, first consider what features you want the most. For instance, if speed is a priority, go with one of the fastest electric kettles that use high-wattage bases to heat water even faster. For safety concerns, opt for one with an automatic shut-off function that detects when the water is boiled as well as heat-resistant handles. Since small teapots are also useful for on the go, you might even want a travel kettle — and trust me, there's a collapsible one on this list that'll fit nicely inside your carry-on.

To help you navigate all the options, I've compiled a list of the best small electric teapots, below. My picks include all the features mentioned above, and their sizes range from a .5-liter capacity to a 1.25-liter capacity — so they'll never take up too much space.


The Overall Best Electric Teapot Specs & Versatility

If you'd like your small kettle to resemble a stovetop model, you'll love this KitchenAid one with an aluminum overhead handle and an LED power switch. Boasting a 1.25-liter capacity, this stainless steel model comes in a variety of trendy colors — including the pictured pistachio shade — and has even more features to backup its higher price. It's cordless when removed from the heating plate; it has an automatic shut-off function for added safety; and its spout is equipped with a removable limescale filter to prevent unwanted buildup.

What fellow tea drinkers say: "Great little kettle for daily tea and coffee. It is both nice to look at and functional. If you want enough water to fill your China teapot get the larger version, but for quick cups of tea and coffee this one is wonderful and it turns off by itself... no worrying about not hearing a normal pot whistle."


The Best Budget-Friendly Stainless Steel Kettle

As a budget-friendly alternative, AmazonBasics' electric kettle gets the job done for a fraction of the price. It has a slightly smaller, 1-liter capacity compared to the one above, but its stainless steel body and 30-inch power cord ensure you'll never have to be without its water-boiling powers. It's also cordless when removed from the base and features an automatic shut-off function. Plus, if you like to keep an eye on your water levels, its contents are visible via two measurement-clad windows on each side. Its lid pops up, and users rave that it's an affordable gem.

What fellow tea drinkers say: "Just the right size for two people who want the occasional hot chocolate or cup of tea. It heats super fast, looks very nice on the counter and is fairly quiet. We're very pleased with this purchase."


The Best Collapsible Travel Kettle With Dual-Voltage Capabilities

Gourmia's collapsible electric kettle is perfect for travel use. The BPA-free silicone teapot is small enough — it's actually with smallest on this list, with a .5-liter water tank — to stow in your bag when it's not in use. (And since it comes with dual-voltage capabilities, you can even bring it along internationally.) It's got a sturdy, lockable lid and an attached spout for added safety. Unlike other options on this list, it remains corded as you pour, but all the heating elements are hidden away. Get it in either the pictured white color or, as an alternative, black.

What fellow tea drinkers say: "Very impressive little electric kettle. I bought it for a long road trip so I can make tea from hotel, and for camping in my travel trailer. It fits the bill perfectly!"

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