3 Ultra-Thin Pillows That Won't Strain Your Neck When You Sleep


Sleeping on a pillow that is too thick or unsupportive can lead to misalignment in your neck and spine, causing you to toss and turn at night and experience stiffness or pain. Thankfully, the best thin pillows provide adequate support for your head without forcing your neck into uncomfortable positions. With so many thin pillow styles available, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.

First, consider your style of sleeping. For example, if you like to change up your sleeping position between your side, your back, and your stomach, you should look for a pillow that gives you the option of customizing its thickness. But, if you primarily sleep in one position, customizability doesn't matter as much.

Also, note the material. While memory foam is designed to maintain its shape and cradle the head for minimal movement throughout the night, it tends to be less breathable if you're a hot sleeper. For the softest pillow, you're really better off with a down alternative that's less firm but can still cushion your head as you sleep.

Thin pillows come in a variety of shapes — some are relatively flat, while others offer a contoured edge that provides extra support under the neck. The right shape for you will largely come down to your personal preference.

Check out the best thin pillows below, which offer a range of support options for your head and neck, all but guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep.


The Overall Best Thin Pillow

Finding the right pillow can take some trial and error, but this option from Mugetu is adjustable and can cater to the comfort of any kind of sleeper. That’s because, hidden under the breathable, washable cover are three layers of memory foam that fit together like puzzle pieces. This allows you to customize the pillow to the exact thickness you need depending on how you sleep, your body, and your preferences. The top layer is also contoured so you can simply rotate the pillow to switch between a thinner and thicker pillow. This can come in handy if you’re someone who likes to switch your sleeping position throughout the night.

At its thinnest (with the middle layer removed), the pillow is 2.9 inches thick on the low contour side, and with all of the layers in on the high contour side, the pillow is 4.7 inches thick. The memory foam body of the pillow is ventilated and infused with temperature-regulating gel, which keeps the pillow cool and firm.


A Softer Down Alternative Pillow That's Even More Customizable

At first glance, you might assume that this option from Pancake pillow is just a traditional pillow. And for certain people, that might be part of the appeal. But it actually offers the same versatility as the pillow above in its modular-like design. Composed of six different layers, this option can be configured a few different ways to find the most comfortable fit. Unlike the other memory foam pillows featured here, the filling of this pillow is made from a down alternative microfiber that is designed not to bunch, so you won’t have to worry about re-adjusting, punching down, or folding the pillow to get the right fit. While it's a bit pricier than other options on this list, it's the most versatile and has hundreds of Amazon reviewers singing its praises.


A Thin Memory Foam Pillow That's Great For Stomach Sleepers

Of all of the possible sleeping positions, stomach sleeping can be particularly uncomfortable if you’re using the wrong pillow. Enter, this slim pillow from Bluewave. This one is particularly great for stomach sleepers for a few reasons. Not only is it infused with gel particles, but it also has ventilation holes to regulate heat and allow air to circulate. This means it'll be the coolest memory foam pillow on this list. Given that stomach sleepers are particularly prone to overheating at night, this'll come in handy.

The washable cover is made from polyester and naturally-cooling bamboo, which wicks away moisture and resists odors. Bamboo is also particularly great for your skin, making it a great choice if you sleep with your face directly on your pillow. At 2.5 inches thick, it is one of the thinnest pillows available, so it won’t force your neck back into an awkward position as you snooze.

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