Yes, You Need A Travel Router — & These Are The Best Ones Available On Amazon


When you're traveling without a solid Wi-Fi signal, the best travel routers keep you connected. These compact devices extend the range of available wireless networks, making weak signals a thing of the past. But not all travel routers are created equal. Some are more powerful than others, and that's why it's important to be more selective in your search for the best.

What To Look For In A Quality Travel Router

The bottom line is this: All decent routers have a few things in common.

  1. They're small. Is that obvious? Regardless, a good travel router is compact and lightweight enough to stow away in even the smallest of bags.
  2. They provide a secure connection. Thanks to included firewall features, routers protect your personal information — even when you're browsing via a public hotspot.
  3. They're super fast. A high-speed internet connection that works for multiple devices is key, especially if you're traveling with a group.

With all that in mind, I've put together a list of the best travel routers Amazon has to offer, here. It takes the guesswork out of shopping around to ensure you embark on your next journey 100 percent connected — and ready to Instagram the whole thing.


The Best Travel Router, All Things Considered

Weighing in at just over 7 ounces, the TP-Link N300 router is teeny-tiny given its powerful, encryption-ready specs. It works as a hotspot (for up to three smart devices!), a range extender, and so much more — all with up to 300 megabits of speed. Even better, it has a Micro-USB port and is compatible with Chromecast and Amazon's Fire Stick for video streaming anytime, anywhere. And should you run into any issues, the brand offers 24/7 support for this particular gadget.

What fans say: "Very versatile travel router. When only a wired connection is available, it creates a secured WIFI hotspot. When only a WIFI connection is available it creates a wired connection. The onboard admin software makes it very easy to switch between modes."


Also Great: A Budget-Friendly Mini Router

If you're on a budget, this mini travel router from GL.iNet is a solid pick. The under-$20 option still boasts the connectivity power you crave with 128 megabytes of Ram and 16 megabytes of storage space available. Security-wise, it's compatible with more than 20 VPN providers, and should you want to customize your setup, it's programmable, too. Pro tip: Use one of the best portable power banks to keep it charged.

What fans say: "Great little (extremely lightweight) travel router, works well with my VPN provider. It actually got a firmware update or two, I was stunned. The interface leaves a lot to be desired visually but it does everything I need it to on the road."


A Router That Also Works As A Portable Power Bank

The TripMate Titan by HooToo will give you the most power — for a slightly steeper price. Though it doesn't operate as a VPN-supporting hotspot, this portable gadget does connect up to five devices to the internet via three different modes (AP, router, and bridge) and charge them via 10,400 milliampere hours (mAH) of rechargeable battery life. It can even transfer large files using wired USB-A and Micro-USB connections or the TripMate app. Plus, like the first option on this list, it's Chromecast and Roku compatible for video streaming.

What fans say: "I underestimated the usefulness of this device. I take it with me every time I travel and use it on planes, hotels and any public Wi-Fi hotspots. It allows me to connect all my devices to a single Wi-Fi access point and avoid having to pay additional fees to connect extra devices, as some places like to charge."

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