If You Have Bunions, Good News: These Comfortable Dress Shoes Won't Irritate Your Feet


Finding a pair of dress shoes when you have bunions might be challenging, but it's definitely not impossible. The best women's dress shoes for bunions will go perfectly with your outfits without further aggravating any pain points.

To help us all find stylish-yet-functional options, I turned to NYC-based podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal for some advice. She tells me, "Bunions create a widening of the forefoot, which can make it difficult to wear narrow shoes."

So, what exactly should you consider when choosing the best shoes for bunions?

  • Shape: Find shoes with a wider and rounder toe box. Dr. Splichal says this is a "more natural" shape that better accommodates the bunion area.
  • Material: Dr. Splichal advises choosing a pair made from more flexible fabrics "that have some stretch to them."
  • Style: Ideally, opt for a low heel (or no heel at all), as heels "place increased stress on the bunion and can make them worse with time," explains Dr. Splichal.

With these professional tips in mind, I've compiled a comprehensive list of the best women's dress shoes for women available on Amazon. Whether you're looking for the best ballet flats for bunions or a pair of comfortable booties, you'll find something that works for you here. They span a variety of price points and sizes, but here's the most important thing: They're all podiatrist-approved.


The Best Women's Dress Shoes For Bunions, All Things Considered

If you're after a heelless option, go for these ballet flats by Aetrex. The brand actually "specializes in designing shoes that look good but don't put excess pressure or strain on the feet," says Dr. Splichal.

These flexible leather flats feature a rounded toe box and a soft, quick-drying microfiber lining that won't add any irritating pressure to the bunion area. What's more, they have an orthotic footbed with a memory foam cushioning for extra support.

  • Available sizes: 6 - 10


The Best Ankle Booties For Bunions

Having bunions doesn't mean you have to swear off heels for good — it just means you have to choose wider, sturdier options with lower heel heights (like these black leather ankle boots by PieSanto). With an outer layer of soft black leather combined with a section of suede fabric just under the boot opening, these booties are equal parts stylish and comfortable. Specifically recommended by Dr. Splichal, PieSanto is a Spanish footwear brand known for designing comfortable walking shoes for women, so you can trust they'll be great for bunions, too.

These particular booties come in wide sizes, meaning they're extra roomy in the toe box, and include a minimal chunky heels as well as zippered closures for added support. Like the flats pick, above, they also boast a soft foam footbed.

  • Available sizes: 5.5 - 11


The Best Mules That Won't Irritate Bunions

Another heeled option, these Caden clogs by Walking Cradles are the best choice if you're looking for a mule dress shoe that's super comfortable and available in lots of colors and sizes. (They also happen to be the most affordable option listed here.) Like their pricier counterparts, these leather slip-ons are ideal for bunions, thanks to their rounded toe boxes and cushioned, supportive footbeds. They also come in wide sizes for even more room on the sides of your feet. And though heels have the potential to irritate bunions overtime, the short, boxy wedge on this pair is sturdy enough to keep your feet supported and pain-free — while still giving you that touch of height (1.75 inches to be exact) you crave.

  • Available sizes: 5 - 13 (regular and wide)

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