The 3 Qualities That Make You Truly Unique, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you're like me, you're probably reading through all of these astrological sun signs descriptions wondering, where the heck do I fit into all of this? Who am I in this world? What is the next thing I should prepare for? Why do these say everyone's going to fall in love, does that mean everyone's the same? Learning about astrology in the early stages can be hard. And horoscopes have a tendency to be oddly specific, and therefore can have you in a doozy over who you are. This is especially true when you're just starting to read more about your sign and wondering what you should take with a grain of salt, and what parts of it actually apply to you.

No matter what's going on in your daily horoscope, though, some things remain constant. In fact, there are trademark qualities of each sign. It doesn't matter if you're an introvert or extrovert, it doesn't matter if you're nice or mean — everyone retains certain qualities based on which month they were born when the sun was in that sign, as it is every year. Astrology is also more than just your sun sign, of course — you likely have some other planets in other signs, and there are moon signs and rising signs to consider. But just remember that no matter how complex your natal chart is otherwise, everyone's individual sun sign is what makes them most unique on a soul level.

Here are some of those trademark qualities each sun sign has:


Enthusiastic — You may not always wear your zest for life on your sleeve, but whatever you care about, you care a lot. People can't talk a mile a minute about their passions like you, Aries!

Outspoken — Even the most introverted Aries will stand up for themselves when push comes to shove. You'll speak out for what you believe to be right (which may be subjective) or impulsively suits you.

Strong-willed — You can bring the drama when you actually feel the mic in your hand, but in most cases, everyone depends on you to continue pushing for what you believe in no matter what the odds are. You pack quite a powerful punch.


Comfortable — Forget all the descriptions of Tauruses as "lazy" out there, if you've read this common misconception. Tauruses know their comfort zones, and they're always managing their energy levels with surprising ease.

Tasteful — Tauruses are classy, above all. They know what they like, and they know how it fits. That means you're down to earth enough to know how to get the look you want and the type of life you want, and achieve it too.

Stubborn — When it comes to sticking by their values, it can be very difficult to shake a Taurus up. Once they know who they are and they've stepped into the full extent of their independent staying power, they're always going to be bullheadedly going toward their goals, whatever those may be.


Curious Geminis are the bubbliest of the zodiac on a soul level, which means they're the eternal students of life, gathering information and syncing it into their high-powered, fast-moving brains as they go.

Unpredictable — When a Gemini needs to detach, they will randomly float off to a tangential land of their own, never to be found until they choose to come back. Most people can't keep up with these swings in actions, even if they make perfect sense to you and your needs at the time.

Quick — If you get stuck on a deserted island, god knows you'll make it out because of how fast you go, go, go. Geminis are good communicators (when they choose to be!) and have their wits about them at a moment's notice.


Thoughtful — Cancers have a way to put real intention and care behind everything they do. They'll be considerate, for better or for worse, of the impact they're making on other people.

Attuned — "Sensitive" can have a bad connotation, as it may sound like you're whiny. But if you are "attuned" to certain emotional frequencies, Cancer, you can use your powers for good or bad. Compassion is in your nature, but it's really because it's so easy for you to understand others' feelings and help out... that is, if you want to.

Loyal — In a world where everyone can flake out on commitments, especially on their values, you remain steadfast toward what you believe in. Cancers can be protective and loving as a manifestation of this trait, but in the end, it's simply that you have more staying power than a lot of the other signs.


Optimistic — Even a Leo down in the dumps can get themselves out for long enough to have the hope they need. Prideful yet searching for a reason to keep believing, you are fiercely fighting for your happiness at all times.

Honest — You're not the kind of person who is going to tiptoe around the truth. You'll be honest to the point of bluntness, but it's because Leos are the royalty of the zodiac that they feel it's their responsibility to rule over the logical health of their companions. It's painful for you to not be voicing what you believe is apparent, even if others can't always handle it.

Sincere — It isn't fair to say other signs are more disingenuous or less authentic. But take one look at you, Leo, and no one could ever doubt how strongly you always believe in what you're saying. No matter what resistance you face, you 100 percent are present with your ideas and beliefs. Maybe this might make you seem dramatic when you're not going to budge from them, but people will always be able to bank on you saying exactly what you mean.


Analytical — Sometimes called nitpicky, Virgo is just a sign that's good at understanding the complexities. They may fixate on details, but they're always important, crucial ones to a more complete understanding. Without your intellect, Virgo, the world would be a far more messy, confusing, and less interesting place.

Reliable — You will never find a Virgo who makes a promise they can't keep. But in a world of flakiness, Virgo's dependability comes down to its interest in solving problems and seeing things through to the end. Once they care enough and believe in your cause, of course.

Attentive — Whether it's serving a partner they love, or gauging the needs of a collective group, there's no doubt that a Virgo is caring and always on the lookout to meet others' needs. Naturally ingrained with a sense of practicality (depending on what you value), a Virgo will make sure to honor that, whether it's making sure they're always on time, getting their tasks done and keeping their promises, or simply checking in from time to time on the health of their loved ones and personally.


Charming — It's very hard to find a boring or annoying Libra. They always find a way to smooth talk in any situation. People are drawn toward you, and your smoothness has done nothing but win you favors in life.

Diplomatic — As the sign with the symbol of scales, you love hearing all points of view and balancing them. Libra won't make a call on what's right or wrong unless you've gotten all of the information, so you're constantly seeking it out — not necessarily to analyze, but just to know it. And fair play is important to your sense of justice, too — you won't go around commiserating with just anyone.

Openminded — Have you ever been called flaky or indecisive? It's only because you're a soul that values staying openminded. It ties into your charming and diplomatic natures otherwise — most people underestimate how much you're trying to learn about everything at all times. Don't pay attention to haters, Libra.


Intense — Scorpios gravitate toward the dark parts of humanity quite often. That means they will have the stomach to handle any gruesome truths about how people function, or figure out the best way to understand someone who others see as "bad." You wear your subconscious on your sleeve, and have never met a snide comment you couldn't handle.

Intuitive — You can be a mind reader if you have to be. Most Scorpios can read between the lines, where subtexts are hidden and human motivations are mysterious. But Scorpios can use their own puzzling natures to siphon out what's truth and what's not, and what's apparent and what's not, and they'll also be quite good at convincing you to believe it, one way or another.

Secretive — You're not about to just give away every thought you've ever had. No, Scorpio, you're much more complex than that. You would only write a tell-all memoir if it were good. You don't share as much as you ask for in return from people because to some extent, you don't need to. You'd much rather continue examining the human race like a scientist, which is fine!


Philosophical — A Sag will argue truth with you for hours, and they're always seeking it out. They love molding interpretations with their minds, so if you ever need a good debate about basically anything, seek out the Sagittarius energy.

Adventurous — Sagittarius is a sign that lets its curious, fiery nature drive it. You're always itching for a daredevil thrill of some sort. You're inclined to figure out the most daring, risky endeavor you could embark on and see it through to the end.

Straightforward — You will never be able to straight up lie to someone's face because the truth tends to burn so strongly in you that you can't ignore it. And you'll be blunt about it if you need to be, which your close friends and confidantes will appreciate you, but your enemies will find jarring and off-putting. Too bad you're just living your truth!


Responsible — Capricorns hate depending on others for anything, and if they're taking and not giving, it's because they likely feel owed by you or are confident they'll pay you back in favors. You unconsciously think about karma and in your head are always making sure you take responsibility for their actions in some way. Even if it doesn't always look in the outside world like you care, you make sure you're doing your part.

Disciplined — Once you care about accomplishing something, you will set your mind to it and practice until you get good. Your passion itself can take you far, Capricorn, and you'll never be able to sit around like a bum waiting for the universe to hand you what you want. No, you'll work for it in some way. You're not necessarily a career workaholic, but you do ensure you have goals you're constantly trying to meet.

Practical — You're always going to do what you believe is logically inclined — keyword, you. Others might not see the rationale behind what you're doing, but you will definitely abide by your own sense of practicality in all you do, Capricorn, and it's what makes you realistic, and also able to anticipate consequences you'll ultimately face.


Eccentric — Aquariuses are zesty and have a love of life that is curious and unforgettable. You'll always be open to all sorts of strange mysteries and endeavors because you are drawn toward the lesser-explained things in life, which you'll figure out in no time thanks to your quick-witted ways.

Creative — If need be, you don't mind being a little weird, and you certainly are original enough to get away with it.

Individualistic — Aquariuses constantly rebel against the status quo and love living their own individual lives. If you're doing what the group is, your insides are likely screaming for you to embrace your uniqueness and stand out to be who you're supposed to. You love freedom even as you also love people, and you hate seeing those things conflict when they do.


Imaginative — Pisceans have an affinity for being attuned to the possibilities out there, whether it's the good ones or the bad ones. This makes you great to be around — or occasionally exhausting, depending on the day. You'll use your thoughts to weave a beautiful picture of what could be, or perhaps tax yourself with overthinking about all the ways it could go wrong.

Idealistic — You're always going to believe in the best of people to some extent. No matter how guarded you can get, you want to believe people are inherently good and redeemable. This trait can lead to more critical thinking about people, because you factor in the emotions and motivations of others by believing so strongly in their very salient existence.

Go-with-the-flow — You're not always carefree, but you do let life carry you where it needs to, Pisces, and don't let anyone ever shame you for seeing where the tide takes you. You won't let yourself get too down in the dumps, because part of life's journey is figuring out what's around the bend, and that in of itself excites you.