The 32 Most Bananas Products On Amazon That Have Near-Perfect Reviews

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After years of shopping on the Internet for weird but genius stuff that makes life easier, I'd like to say that I've seen it all. But the truth is that just by scrolling through Amazon on a given day, it's easy to find new products that are seriously bananas. Even stranger still is that these peculiar items also tend to have some of the highest, near-perfect reviews you'll find across the whole site.

And, while under normal circumstances a stainless steel tongue scraper might not be something you'd gravitate towards, the items featured here have been vetted by Amazon users who have five-star feels about these all-star products. That means that if an aloe vera gel says it can help revitalize and nourish any complexion, it can. And if a notebook claims it can survive anything from torrential rainstorms to an unfortunate drop in a puddle of mud, it can hold up.

After all, the best-reviewed products on Amazon are those items that make our lives easier on a daily basis. The fact that so many of them are zany as hell just means that there are some creative AF inventors out there that are building genius products to help us get through our day-to-day schedules. With this incredible list of kooky but clever products, you're on your way to solving a ton of problems.

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