The 32 Most Interesting Things Trending On Amazon

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The internet is filled with weird, buzzworthy items, but many of the products that seem bizarre at first are actually super useful — if you’re brave enough to try them. That's why it's always a blast to find the most interesting things trending on Amazon that are as weird as they are functional.

Amazon’s the easiest place to find these things because it’s already the go-to place for the best products. But with almost 400 million items to compete with, sometimes it's hard to get noticed. That's why Amazon's Mover & Shakers list — which tracks trending products that have blown up in popularity in the last 24 hours — is a great place to see what stands out from the crowd. But while these items might be well-reviewed, sometimes they can be a little too basic or a little too weird (fake blood, anyone?). That's why I dove deep to find the best.

Some life-changing discoveries include a wine filter that can help prevent hangovers, and at-home thermal spa for creating a jacuzzi in your own bathtub, and a gluten-free bread maker for delicious healthy loafs. So if you're in the mood to treat yourself to something a little offbeat, or simply want to see what products are taking the web by storm, here's a roundup of the most interesting things trending on Amazon.

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