The 4 Best At-Home Wax Warmers

For those who prefer to remove their body hair, waxing not only leaves behind a smooth result, but when done at home, it can prove to be significantly more cost-efficient than visiting the spa. For less than $30, you can get virtually everything you need for a DIY hair-removal kit that you can use over and over again. That said, getting the best at-home wax warmer is essential to the process, and not all options are created equal.

For starters, you're going to want to find one that melts wax quickly while holding it at the right temperature. Doing this will ensure that your wax melts evenly (so that it applies smoothly) and will also help to prevent any accidental burns.

As far as functionality is concerned, you may also want to purchase one that offers an easy-to-read — perhaps even digital — temperature control display. This way, you can see at a glance when the wax is ready and personalize your at-home waxing experience. It may also be helpful to buy a unit with a clear lid so that you can see the wax as it melts inside. Finally, note whether or not the warmer is equipped to melt different types of wax, especially if you have a particular preference when it comes to what you'll be applying to your skin. Most units work best with wax beads.

To create the best possible experience, be sure to follow all the directions that are included with your wax warmer. Here's a list of the best waxing kits on Amazon to get you started.

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The Overall Best At-Home Waxing Kit

The Femiro electric wax heater kit comes with everything you need for at-home waxing — and at less than $40, its overall value is pretty incredible. In addition to the warmer, the package includes four bags of scented wax beads (blackberry, cream, chamomile, and rose), along with 20 wooden sticks to help get you started.

In terms of its overall functionality, the product is extremely user-friendly, heats up quickly, and is easy to navigate. It features an adjustable heat knob which allows you to control the temperature to your desired comfort level, providing you with a safe and gentle hair removal experience.

Reviewers say: "This is awesome! Great size, comes with everything you'd need to get started right from opening the packaging!"


The Most Budget-Friendly Wax Warmer

At less than $26, the Abody wax warmer is quite a steal. It's suitable for wax beans and comes with a temperature-adjustable knob and an easy-to-remove wax bucket for simple cleaning. The see-through vented cover additionally prevents contamination while allowing you to watch the wax as it melts.

Reviewers say: "Warms up fast. I had no problem getting the wax to melt. The direction are easy to follow. Its worked great to remove all my hair removal areas."


The Most Modern Wax Warmer

If you're looking for a wax warmer with sleek style and digital capabilities, this wax warmer by Larbois may be just the thing for you. The LED screen offers a modern and user-friendly experience as it displays the pot temperature in Fahrenheit. Plus, it's easy to adjust the temperature with the buttons on each side of the display.

As a full-service kit, this product also includes 20 waxing sticks of two different sizes. It even features four bags of wax beads and a removable tin to melt them in. And thanks to the clear ventilated top, you can monitor the process with ease.

Reviewers say: "Comes with multiple wax beans and popsicle sticks. Heats up well and fast. Works great!"


The Best Space-Saving Option

If you have limited counter or storage space, GiGi's mini wax warmer measures 6-by-4 inches and is safe for use with both hard and soft wax. The warmer comes with an indicator light and has the capability to keep wax at an optimal temperature for an entire day's use.

Reviewers say: "Really easy to use - since it only has an on/off switch - and takes up very little space, which is terrific since I live in New York."


Also Great: A Roll-On Waxer

A great alternative to traditional wax warmers, Clean + Easy's personal roll-on waxer makes for an easy two-step roll-on process. Its compact size is perfect for traveling — and at less than $20, it also has an incredible price tag.

In addition to the warmer, the full kit comes with a 4-ounce wax refill, a facial roller head, a leg roller head, and 15 non-woven strips, making it a great overall option for small wax jobs.

Reviewers say: "This machine is truly the best for at home/personal use. Love the rollers that came with the kit, along with the machine itself being so compact you could even travel with it. It arrived quickly [and] was packaged very well [and] even included a package of wax strips."