These Are The 4 Best BaByliss Blow Dryers You Can Buy On Amazon (& They're All Under $100)

by Masha Vapnitchnaia

A good hair blowout at home is not an easy achievement. It takes coordination, patience, and some really great tools. BaByliss Pro has been making and perfecting hair dryers for decades and the best BaByliss hair dryers will work with your hair to give you shiny, bouncy locks, without heat damage. To narrow down the best one for you, start with your hair type:

Fine hair is especially susceptible to heat damage, so you’ll want a hair dryer that has infrared technology that’s less harsh on strands. Ionic technology will also add shine to fine hair without the need for weighing it down with additional product.

Curls are fragile and lose moisture easily, which is why excess frizz can happen with the wrong heat settings and why curls can lose their definition. The best BaByliss hair dryers for curly hair has ionic technology, which cuts down on drying time by breaking up water molecules and seals up hair cuticles for maximum shape.

Another common hair drying complaint from those with thick manes is how long it takes. To cut down on drying time without exposing your hair to more heat stress, you'll want a hair dryer with either ceramic or titanium technology. Both help distribute heat evenly and release negative ions, which speed up drying time. You'll also want a dryer with a higher wattage, so it can work better, longer.

Now that you know which features will work for your hair, check out our picks for the best BaByliss hair dryers.


The Overall Best BaByliss Hair Dryer, All Things Considered

The ceramic technology of this hair dryer allows heat to be distributed evenly and generates a ton of negative ions. This ionic technology works by breaking up water molecules, which cuts down on drying time, and seal up hair cuticles, reducing static and flyaways. Infrared heat further reduces drying time and is less damaging than convection heat. The 2,000-watt dryer has a ton of power, working harder than many others in the category, and for longer. There are three heat settings and three power settings that make it easy to find just the right temperature for your hair, whether it’s coarser or prone to breakage.

Glowing Review: ”I discovered these hair dryers in my gym. Mind you, I am NOT a hair dryer person. I am an air dry girl. Have been all of my life, mostly because most hair dryers I've tried in the past usually make my hair feel and look weird. However, I found myself in need of a quick drying one day after a workout, and decided to give it a whirl. It is SO fast and doesn't damage my hair or change it's natural look. I loved it so much I bought one for home use.”


The Best BaByliss Hair Dryer For Fine Or Frizzy Hair

Tourmaline dryers, like this one, emit infrared heat, which is a lot gentler on hair that is prone to damage and breakage. They also generate negative ions, cutting down on drying time and sealing hair cuticles. Fine, frizzy, and curly hair textures are more susceptible to breakage, so the less time your hair spends exposed to heat, the better. By sealing up cuticles, the negative ions make fine hair look smooth and shiny without weighing it down with product. The sealed up cuticle will also help these kinds of manes get definition and keep their natural texture. In addition to three power and three heat settings, this model has a cold shot button, which further helps to seal up strands. With 1,900 watts, you'll get great power without needing to turn up the heat.

Glowing Review: “I wasn't sure that a dryer could really do what it claimed, but I was wrong! This is an amazing dryer! I have thin, frizzy, and somewhat curly hair, and when I blow dry it, it's always very fluffy regardless of the products and tools I used. Now when I dry my hair it's noticeably less frizzy. My hair is dry in less time too, so my straightener is used less to do the same task.”


The Best Blow Dryer For Thick Hair

Thick hair takes a long time to dry thoroughly, and this BaByliss hair dryer tackles that problem in three ways. Negative ions and 2,000-watt power cut down on drying time, as does the titanium, which is a great heat conductor. Just like the other picks above, this dryer has three power and three heat settings, as well as a cool shot button to help seal up cuticles. Though more of an investment than the best overall pick, the lightweight titanium material will keep your arm from getting tired as you style your hair.

Glowing Review: “Dries very fast without a lot of heat. I have extremely thick, coarse, horse type hair. Hairdressers tremble when I walk in. Lol! My old dryer would get very hot and dry the outside of my hair without penetrating to the hair underneath so it would take forever to get it all dry and I would be sweating afterwards. I hated doing my hair. This dryer penetrates all of the hair and gets it done in a fraction of the old time. A huge benefit is I don't get hot and sweaty either! I can't say enough. I never knew a hair dryer could make such a difference. Oh! and my hair isn't as frizzy either! Best beauty purchase I've ever made!”


A Compact & Foldable Dryer For Travel

Travel hair dryers should be easy to pack and easy to use, no matter where you are, and this compact dryer is both. Made from lightweight titanium, this dryer also has a folding handle for easy packing. A flick of a switch will take the hair dryer from a 110 to a 250 volt setting, which means it will work virtually anywhere in the world. Just make sure to check the shape of the outlets at your destination ahead of time and grab a travel adapter if the prongs are different. The tourmaline technology is gentle on hair and releases negative ions for a silky, shiny finish. This model comes with two speed and two heat settings. Reviewers are impressed with how quiet the dryer is, which can be a big plus if you’re sharing a hotel room on your adventures.

Glowing Review: "I heard a comedian once say, 'Using the travel blow dryers at your hotel is like trying to dry your hair by asking your elderly relative to breathe on your head.' Well, this little baby is different. It, obviously, doesn't pack the same punch as a normal sized blow dryer (none of the travel blow dryers do) but something about the tourmaline DOES actually dry your hair faster. When I first turned it on, I was skeptical but it really did dry my hair quickly. When I fold it in half, I can easily grip it fully in one hand. Great for travel.”

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