These Boot Liners Magically Make Your Boots So Much Warmer

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Boots are meant to keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather conditions, but sometimes they just can’t handle the job. The best boot liners are the perfect solution for when you need an extra layer of protection. So whether you are wearing your hiking boots in the snow or sporting your favorite rain boots on a wet and chilly spring day, slip on a pair of boot liners for warmth and comfort — and to keep moisture at bay.

Most boot liners are made of fleece, which makes sense because it's a really warm and soft material. While boot liners can be a helpful add-on for all kinds of boots (including snow and duck boots), many liners are specifically designed to be worn in rain boots, since the rubber material is often lacking in the coziness factor. A rain boot liner is usually tall enough to line an entire boot, and often features a cute cuff that folds over the top of the boot to keep the liner in place.

The boot liners on this list are designed to supplement your existing boot liners (or in the case of rain boots, lack thereof), but some boot liners are designed to replace existing liners that might be worn out or simply not warm enough. I've focused on supplemental liners, but if you're looking for a replacement boot liner, scroll to the bottom for a solid recommendation. Otherwise, read on for four supplemental boot liners that Amazon reviewers say have made their boots so much cozier.


A Cozy Boot Liner That Will Work In Most Boots

At 6 inches tall, these 281Z boot liners are ideal for use in most boots, including hiking, snow, and work boots. The 100% polyester fleece material will keep your feet warm and dry in even the worst of weather conditions. Plus, they're ultra lightweight and breathable. These boot liners come in a green khaki color, are fitted (so they won’t slip down your leg), and have flat seams, which eliminates uncomfortable rubbing.

Choose from four sizes. The liners are designed to be worn over regular cotton socks, but if you choose to wear thicker socks instead, the company recommends sizing up. This pick also comes in an 8-inch option, which is ideal for taller boots, like snow boots.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: "These are definitely worth the $20 price per pair. [...] They are super soft and the seams are sewn flat so they don't cause irritation. I can't wait to use these this winter!"

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large


A Thick & Fluffy Liner For Extra-Tall Boots

When a reviewer on Amazon writes, "You've been looking for these all your life and never knew," then I feel pretty inclined to believe them. And that’s exactly what one person had to say about these boot liners from Servus.

The deep-pile fleece liners are so fluffy and thick, you’ll surely be pleased with the amount of comfort and warmth they provide. The liners will work with most non-insulated knee-height boots (or shorter boots, if you want the liner sticking out of the top). They come in one color, beige, and are 16 inches tall.

What other Amazon reviewers are saying: "[These] are amazing. This years hunting season will be toasty warm toes!"

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large


A Fleece Liner That Will Make Rain Boots Warmer

With more than 700 reviews on Amazon and a 4.3-star rating overall, it’s pretty clear that these rain boot liners from Jileon are adored on the site. And it's definitely for good reason; they’re made from a soft fleece material that can transform your rain boots from rubbery and uncomfortable, to ultra cozy. The tall rain boot liners can either be cuffed over the top or your boots or worn as is. Choose from six colors (including a fun black pair with a faux fur cuff) and four different sizes.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: "So when i decided i finally wanted to buy me a pair of rain boots i saw these fleece lined bootie inserts. My first thought was cute... but we will see. Omg best idea ever. Not only do they fit perfect but they really make the boots cozier. Rubber boots can make u sweat and can even rub you raw on your skin these amazing babies are a match made in heaven."

  • Available sizes: 5-7, 7-9, 9-11, and 11-13


A Budget-Friendly Rain Boot Liner With A Cute Knitted Cuff

These Anzermix boot liners are way cute and way cheap, both of which seal the deal in my book. The cozy liners are made of fleece and feature a stylish knitted cuff. And since they’ll only run you $10, you may want to pick up a few pairs in different colors; choose from five tones including a bright red.

The height of these liners is not specified, but reviewers say they work with standard-height rain boots (or shorter boots, depending on how much liner you want to stick out of the top).

What Amazon reviewers are saying: "Exactly what I wanted! Living in Phoenix, the feel of sweaty bare calves rubbing on my muck boots was intolerable. These liners fit them perfectly and stay put to slide my feet in and out of the boots when I go out the back door. Comfort & utility! I bought a black pair, too, so I can switch them out for washings."

  • Available sizes: Small, Medium


Also Great: A New Boot Liner To Replace An Existing Built-in One

Many boots come with liners, but did you know that you can swap them out with even better ones? That’s exactly what this pick is — a pair of replaceable liners from The Brand Felt Ltd., for when a supplemental boot liner just isn't enough. Made of a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, these boot liners are super cushioned and offer protection against extreme temperatures, since wool is a natural temperature regulator. Plus, the liners will help wick away moisture. They come in a tall size, which is about 12 inches tall, or a 10-inch-tall standard size.

If you want even more protection, pair this pick with one of the above sock-style liners.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: "My husband has had the same Sorel boots for well over 10 years and he wore out the liners. I looked all over - local stores and then the internet. Some of the liners I found were more expensive than buying new boots. These were a reasonable price and fit perfectly!"

  • Available sizes: 5.5 Women - 14.5 Women, 1-2 Big Kid

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