4 Durable Chew Bones Perfect For Teething Puppies


Bringing home a new puppy is all kinds of fun, but let's be honest: It's a lot of work, too. To prevent your new furry BFF from chewing up everything in sight, investing in the best chew bones for puppies is a must.

There are tons of options for bones out there, but your choice will largely depend on what your pup enjoys. Since many puppies (and dogs!) are motivated by food, you may want to consider edible puppy bones that you can use as a reward or training treat. Just be sure to look for grain-free, gluten-free options that will be gentle on any puppy's stomach. But some pups love to chew just for chewing's sake, so if that's your dog, be on the lookout few different toy chew bones to see which they prefer (these will last longer than edible bones for your aggressive chewer).

You also want to consider common traits of your puppy's breed. For example, dogs like Labrador retrievers and poodles need a lot of mental stimulation, so you definitely want a stimulating chew bone to keep them happy. If your puppy's breed is known for aggressive tearing and chewing, you may want to look into indestructible chew bones so you don't have to constantly replace them.

Not sure which one to start with? Here's are some of the best chew bones for you to choose from.

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Best Edible Option: Himalayan Dog Chews

These all-natural bones are perfect for pups who are motivated by treats. There's no gluten, grains, or other ingredients that could harm your puppy's sensitive stomach in these bones. In fact, there are just four ingredients: yak's milk, cow's milk, lime juice, and salt. This combination creates a bone that's tough on the outside yet gradually softens as it's chewed. As your pup wears it down, small pieces release to satisfy them without any splintering. And, while these treats come in multiple sizes, the small option is best for new puppies.

According to one reviewer: "[B]oth my Frenchies went nuts over them - in fact one of them carried her chew around in her mouth for most of the day and buried it in her bed when she was called upon to go for a walk. The chews are lasting them approximately a week (with dedicated daily chewing) and not only have they shown no signs of tiring of them, but a couple of doggie visitors have also discovered them and their owners now have them on their shopping lists too!"


Best For Aggressive Chewers: Nylabone Flavored Durable Dog Chew Toy

Thousands of reviewers can't say enough good things about this durable chew bone. It's made from tough, high-quality nylon that even the most aggressive chewers won't be able to bite through, no matter how long or hard they go at it. Plus, this bone is lightly textured to clean your puppy's gums and teeth while they play, and it's also flavored to hold their interest for the long haul. Amazon reviewers agree that this bone has saved them from constantly replacing toys.

According to one reviewer: "It has been almost 2 months and [my dog] hasn't chewed through more than 1/4 of it and he chews on it daily. Everyday, I pick it up out of the floor and put it in his toy bin and he immediately takes it back out. It's not like he doesn't chew on it because he does. Well worth the money and it has saved my baseboards!"


Best For Mental Stimulation: KONG Puppy Goodie Bone Dog Toy

For pups that love to play games, these puzzle bones are a must. For one, they're extremely durable, yet they're also soft enough that they won't bother puppies who may be teething. Each bone features multiple "treat pockets" in the ends where you can stuff small goodies. Then sit back and watch as your puppy tries to figure out how to get the snacks from the pockets — a task that isn't as easy as it looks.

According to one reviewer: "These are still going strong [for] our 4 month old puppies. We have used peanut butter, banana and sweet potato. I put it in the freezer to keep it less messy. Definitely recommend to keep dogs busy."


Best For Picky Pups: Nylabone Puppy Chew Variety Toys

If your puppy tends to turn up his nose at most bones, snag this chew bone starter pack to give a few different options a try. It comes with one "gentle" bone that's softer and highly textured to sooth sore gums, along with one of Nylabone's more durable options for aggressive chewing — both of which are chicken-flavored. And if neither of those grab your pup's interest, this pack also comes with an edible bone that's flavored to taste like lamb and apples and is safe for younger dogs.

According to one reviewer: "I couldn't live without these products. My puppy was teething pretty bad last month, so I got these and it helped her pop the teeth out without problems. She especially likes the white bone. I'm glad that after her adult teeth came in, she still chews on these. The teeth are still not fully done coming in, but very close. She's still enjoying the products!"