Psst — These Tower Fans Are Exactly What You Need To Stay Cool Right Now


There's nothing better than a dependable breeze on a dreadfully hot day. And that's why the best cooling tower fans are many people's most prized possessions during the warmer months.

With so many options on the market, it's important to know what features to look out for so that you get the most out of your investment — and obviously a dependable and effective machine. The main ones? Multiple speed settings (low, medium, high, and beyond), powerful coverage, and a relatively quiet operation.

Don't, however, forget about potential space constraints. If you have a space that's a little trickier to cool down, you'll want something adjustable. Larger rooms will require maximum air circulation and, ideally, a fan capable of creating such power. (Pro tip: There are fans with motors specifically designed to produce this higher volume of air.) And don't forget about fans with ionizers — they do wonders for stale and stuffy environments by releasing negative ions into the air that capture dust, pollen, and other pollutants.

Ready to feel the cool breeze? Here, find four of the best tower fans you can get on Amazon right now. Then, check out some top-rated window fans, because you can beat the heat.


The Overall Best Cooling Tower Fan That's Also Super Quiet

With noise-reduction technology, multiple airflow options, and bonus features like an LED control panel and included remote, it's no wonder this option from Ozeri is one of the best cooling tower fans on the market. Easily customizable, the device consists of three independently controllable fans with three different speed settings. It also has three preprogrammed airflow patterns and a timer for a fully tailored airflow experience. And guess what? It's not even noisy. This fan boasts a curved blade design that facilitates a whisper-quiet oscillation.


An Affordable Tower Fan With An Air Ionizer

This Lasko fan doesn't offer as many speed options, but its ionizing powers make up for it. It blows millions of negative ions to the air, which clear the atmosphere of allergens and pollutants including dust, pet dander, and pollen. One happy Amazon reviewer described the fan by writing that it makes you feel like "you're outside near the lake under a tree, enjoying the fresh, cool air from nature." Sounds amazing, right? While the fan is designed with a curved profile to better blend in with your space, it also has a significant height to it, allowing for that key maximum air flow. It offers three fan speeds with optional oscillation, but here's an important note: It's not going to be as quiet as the one above. Users say it "has a small hum."


A Splurge-Worthy Fan With The Innovative Specs To Back Up Its Higher Price

If you have some flexibility in your budget and are looking to invest in a premium cooling tower fan with all the bells and whistles, Dyson's bladeless Air Multiplier is a worthy investment. With 10 different airflow settings, a magnetic remote control, and customizable timers, this innovative fan is top of the line. It's super safe to use around children and, major bonus, is beyond easy to wipe clean. Though its $300 price tag is certainly steep, this fan does come with a two-year parts and labor warranty in addition to all the aforementioned features, warranting its splurge-worthy cost.


An Incredibly Powerful Fan That's Perfect For Larger Rooms

If you have a big space to cool, you need a fan that's made for larger rooms — aka one with a powerful motor and strong airflow capabilities. And this Vornado can push air up to 100 feet. Its unique, crosscut design creates a wide span of constant airflow that doesn't rely on an oscillating, potentially noisy, base. Though this fan doesn't offer as much customization as the others on this list, it does actually provide some flexibility with four different speed settings and a programmable timer.

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