These Are The Best Window Fans On Amazon, According To Reviewers


If you need a cooling system that isn't an air conditioner, window fans are a solid, affordable option. They circulate cool, clean outdoor air into rooms that could otherwise become hot or stuffy — all using less electricity. Sound like a dream? Here, find a list of the top rated window fans, according to reviewers who use (and love) them.

To Dual, Or Not To Dual?

Dual blade window fans are often a popular pick, because they work simultaneously with two fans to push hot air out and funnel colder air into your space. That being said, a single blade fan can work well, particularly if you opt for one with a powerful motor. Of course, no fan boasts the same cooling powers as an air conditioning unit, but a strong window fan can still effectively cool your room — and save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Check Out Fans That Cool Like Air Conditioners Here.

Alas, whether you're looking for a heavy-duty option for a large room or a budget option that reviewers still swear by, read on to find the right window fan for you. Once you've found it, keep the cool vibes flowing and browse some of the best portable air conditioners, or treat yourself to cooling gadgets for hot weather.


The Overall Best Window Fan That's Water Resistant & Comes With Everything You Need

With over 3,600 customer reviews and four stars on Amazon, Bionaire's twin window fan is the top pick.

The measurements: 25.5 x 14.1 x 6 inches

The features: It has two reversible fans that allow you to choose which way the air flows on each, meaning it can pull in outside air and expel stale air at the same time. This super convenient option also comes with a remote control, three speed settings, a programmable thermostat that'll turn the fan on or off based on the room's current temperature, and an LCD screen where all the settings are displayed. Whats more, the customizable fan's water-resistant motors ensure it won't break or become unusable during bad weather.

What fans say: One user called it a "great versatile window fan." They noted in a review, "The fans move an unexpectedly large volume of air for their size. [They're] well-balanced and there is absolutely no vibration. In addition, this unit runs whisper-quiet at the two slower speeds and only slightly louder at the highest speed."


Also Great: A Budget Option That Still Works, According To Reviews

Looking for a reliable option that won't break the bank? You'll love something like the dual blade window fan by Holmes.

The measurements: 22.7 x 11.7 x 5.3 inches

The features: For only $18, this choice has twin fans with powerful dual blade operations, two speed settings, and — like the option above — water-resistant motors that'll withstand inclement weather. It's designed to fit most windows and comes with adjustable extender panels for a more secure fit. Unlike the option above, however, it does not offer automatic reversible airflow control, so you'll have to manually remove the fan and face it the other way if you want to use it as an exhaust.

What fans say: This fan comes highly-recommended by users, with over 4,000 reviews on Amazon. One reviewer raved, "This powerful, reliable, low cost fan has become a lifesaver during the summer's heatwave!"


A Splurge-Worthy Single Blade Fan That's Even More Powerful

If you need a fan that's strong enough to cool your space, this OSHA-approved one by Air King is ideal — but its next-level cooling powers will cost you the highest price.

The measurements: 26.75 x 11.25 x 26.25 inches

The features: Because of its 120-volt power, this fan is larger and heavier than other options, but it's still made to fit in most window frames. It has an industrial-grade motor that circulates air in spaces of all sizes, a front rotary switch with three speed settings, and the option to either intake air from outside or exhaust air from inside. Another useful spec that's not commonly seen in window fans is that you can close the window behind this fan without removing it, which gives it an edge during bouts of undesirable weather.

What fans say: One reviewer dubbed this fan "a breeze to install, and a breeze when it's in." They wrote, "Quality product, no frills, and up and running in 20 minutes but I could do it in 5 next time. At a high speed, the fan sounds just like any fan dutifully moving a large quantity of air, but not annoying to me in anyway."

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