The 4 Best Down-Alternative Comforters

In the vast world of bedding, goose and duck down comforters are superstars. They're known for being insulating but breathable, comfortable, and soft as the feathers they contain — but they're also triggers for allergy sufferers (not to mention, all those feathers can literally poke you). The best down-alternative comforters offer nearly all the same benefits you'd find in duck or goose down, but with none of the downsides — and, they typically cost much less money.

So, where to start? There are a few things to keep in mind before you make your purchase, because different fillings offer different benefits.

One important thing to consider when purchasing a down-alternative comforter is warmth — as in, how much of it do you need to get a good night's rest? Most down-alternative comforters are filled with natural materials like bamboo, silk, and even goose without the quills, or hypoallergenic synthetic polyester fibers that won't cause you to sneeze and cough all night long. The higher the number of fill power, the lighter and plusher your comforter will be.

Many down-alternative comforters are all-season comforters that can be used year round. But if your neck of the woods tends to stay hotter or colder than most places, it pays to search for an option that's especially heavy or lightweight to accommodate your specific needs.

This list of down-alternative comforters features a pick for everyone — from options for cold and hot sleepers to the very best one you can buy on a budget.