Yes, You Need A Footrest For Under Your Desk — & These Are The 4 Best Ones


If you spend most of your days sitting at a desk, then you're probably familiar with the various aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting. And that's exactly why so many people rely on the best footrests for under a desk to combat any potential leg, hip, or back discomfort that comes from a sedentary work lifestyle.

Keeping your feet propped up on a footrest can help promote better circulation, provide more stable support for your feet and legs, and decrease strain on your spine by improving posture. That said, when searching for a comfortable and effective footrest, you'll want to choose one that does all the aforementioned things with some sort of nonslip grip for true stability. You'll also want something that can adapt to any environment. Whether you're hanging a foot hammock or going with a more traditional footrest, the ideal footrest slides right under any desk and is easily adjustable height-wise.

Ready to say goodbye to painful days at work? Below, shop four of the best footrests you can order online and have shipped directly to your office. Once you've got that added to your cart, browse some fun desk accessories that'll really brighten up your workspace.


The Overall Best Footrest For Under A Desk

This footrest from Mind Reader will prove to you why it's one of the best options on the market. Keeping your feet and legs elevated at a height that's adjustable to three different positions, the Mind Reader will improve your circulation and, as one fan put it, relieve your "back and knee pain just in a few short days." Thanks to an ergonomic design that supports your legs at whatever tilted angle you prefer, this footrest will adjust to your natural foot position as you lean back or forward in your chair. Plus, it has a nonslip surface that'll provide stability for your feet, with one happy user even saying that the rigid edges felt "like a tiny foot massage!"


A Foam Footrest That's Extra Comfortable

If you're ready to improve your circulation while simultaneously resting your feet on what's basically memory foam foot mattress, this comfort foam footrest from Rest My Sole is The One. It relieves leg fatigue and improves spine alignment through a supportive, durable, and anti-slip foam material that elevates legs to a comfortable height beneath your desk. While the soothing foam material feels soft on your bare feet, it's also tough enough for shoes, so you can use it at the office and still look professional. What's more, the cover is easy to remove and machine washable and the footrest itself doubles as a device to promote active sitting. Simply flip the curved surface down to keep your feet moving and improve your balance and circulation.


An Inflatable Footrest That Can Also Be Used As A Travel Pillow

For those who travel frequently, this footrest and travel pillow is a must-have. Using a double air valve, you can inflate this travel companion to three different heights and use it as a footrest pillow, a leg rest pillow, or a seat. It weighs less and a pound and is easy to transport and inflate. Plus, with its one-year service support warranty, you can get a replacement or a full refund if you're unhappy with the pillow for any reason whatsoever.


A Hammock Footrest That Works Under Any Desk

Boasting a universal fastening system that can be mounted on any type of desk, this hammock footrest is next-level useful. With universal clamps and high-tension rope stoppers, it's a breeze to install and, like the others on this list, features an adjustable height to ensure perfect posture. One Amazon reviewer raved, "I can already tell a difference in my back pain, and my joints aren't as stiff after a long day sitting at my desk."

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