The 4 Best Hairsprays For Humidity

Most would assume that all hairsprays are well-suited for humidity, since their primary purpose is to preserve style no matter what — but unfortunately, the majority of formulas start to fail when moisture is added into the mix. The best hairsprays for humidity stay put even in hot, wet weather, so you can lock in your look and prevent frizz. That said, all hair types are different, so finding the best ingredients for yours might prove to be a challenge.

Most humidity-resistant products for frizzy hair have one thing in common: They coat the strands in some kind of water-resistant barrier, so style stays in while moisture stays out. That sounds great in theory, but depending on the ingredients lists, it can cause problems for various hair types. Thin hair, for instance, will likely be weighed down by heavy silicone coatings, while curly hair will be more likely to dry out, which in turn perpetuates frizz even further.

The best humidity-resistant sprays use lighter, more gentle ingredients (like bamboo extract or hydrolyzed wheat proteins) to lock in style without damaging strands. They also improve shine, offer appropriate hold without a crunchy, stiff feeling, and nourish strands when possible. It's also important to find a balance between longevity and ease of removal; since some products are formulated for up to 72 hours of hold, it can be difficult to wash them out of your hair come shower-time.

If you're looking for the best products to help weather-proof your hair, these hairsprays are some of the top-rated options available. While a few work for all types across the board, some are better suited for specific categories — so whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, or straight, you can find one that best suits your needs.


The Best Overall Hairspray For Humidity

There are various reasons why Bamboo Smooth hairspray is the best overall pick when it comes to standing up against humidity. For one, it coats each strand in a frizz-blocking barrier of kendi oil, but its flexible hold isn't sticky or stiff; instead, it amplifies shine and preserves the life of your style.

Next, this pick protects dyed hair with Color Hold technology, so reviewers say, "It doesn’t change the color," unlike other options. Reviewers also say it's suitable for various hair types, since "a little goes a long way" but it can be applied in coats thanks to the non-stiff consistency. Buyers rave that it's "perfect for thin hair," but simultaneously say it's also "perfect for thick, coarse, curly hair," too.

Last but not least, at $12 for a 7.5-ounce can, it's surprisingly affordable — especially given the high ratings.


The Most Budget-Friendly Pick

Despite its low price and minimal hold, the Garnier Fructis anti-humidity hairspray aims to preserve your style for up to 24 hours — even in hot, wet conditions. Its main ingredient is bamboo extract, which protects against frizz while still allowing for ample movement. As a result, it works on virtually any style and isn't crunchy or stiff. It also has a fruity scent that reviewers say "smells fantastic," and at $3 a bottle, it really can't be beat in terms of cost.


For Thin Or Straight Hair

Oftentimes, thin or straight hair requires maximum hold, but you also want to ensure that the hairspray isn't weighing down your fine strands. IT Haircare Mega Freeze hairspray is designed for maximum hold, but it also builds up thinner strands with hydrolyzed wheat proteins without adding excess weight. It's also made with vitamin B5 for added nourishment and optical brighteners for enhanced shine, so hair resists frizz.

Best of all, reviewers say, "If this doesn’t hold your hair nothing will" and it works "without weighing" on thin, sparse hair. They then go on to say, "It resists humidity so [their] thin fine curly hair stays perfectly straight and in tact. Miracle product." It's also flake-resistant and washes out without hassle, which is a huge pro in this category.


For Thick Or Curly Hair

Moisture is much more essential for thick or curly hair — and unfortunately, many hairsprays are made with drying ingredients that (when combined with thicker, textured strands) may actually worsen frizz. Whereas those ingredients block out moisture, hydrating products like KMS California Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal nourish the strands while still protecting against frizz.

It amplifies shine and seals in style for up to 72 hours, but it doesn't create excess grease — or unnecessary crunch. Even though it's not a hairspray in the traditional strong-hold sense, reviewers say, "My wavy/curly hair stays perfectly styled when I use this product. Illinois humidity [has] nothing on me now."

Similarly, it's also a great option for those with curly, thick hair who are looking to preserve a blow-out or a straightened style: "My frizzy, curly hair actually stays straight and no frizzies when I flat iron it thanks to this miracle in a can!"

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