The 4 Best Iced Coffee Tumblers With Straws

Anyone who loves iced coffee is probably aware that it can be a huge waste of plastic to get to-go cups everyday. Fortunately, the best iced coffee tumblers with straws will help you kick single-use plastic to the curb and offer convenient features that a disposable cup doesn’t, such as more insulation. You'll also save money by making iced coffee at home to take with you to work, on errands, and more. But with so many options out there, how do you begin to choose?

Tumblers with straws don't vary enormously in shape and style, but they do vary in material. Before you buy one, think about which material is the best fit for your lifestyle: plastic, stainless steel, or glass.

  • Stainless steel is a notably durable material, and stainless steel tumblers can oftentimes be used for hot beverages too. The only cons to the material are that you can't see what's inside the tumbler at a glance, and that it's heavier than plastic. Some stainless steel tumblers are vacuum-insulated to keep your coffee cold for a longer time, and to prevent pesky condensation from forming on the outside of the vessel.
  • Glass is the most consistently dishwasher-safe of all the picks and isn’t prone to leaching, but it is usually heavier and much more fragile than stainless steel and plastic. If you worry about dropping your tumbler or want a lightweight option that you can carry on the go, glass likely isn’t the best option for your lifestyle.
  • Finally, plastic tumblers are a popular option that is cheap for manufacturers to produce and lightweight for users to carry, but some plastics have the tendency to leach chemicals. If you choose a plastic tumbler, opt for one that’s BPA-free and make sure to handle it gently when cleaning to reduce the chances of leaching.

Whether you're looking for a plastic travel cup or one with vacuum insulation, the four iced coffee tumblers with straws listed below are all incredible choices that make it easy to drink caffeine on the go. Bonus: they're all pretty cute, too.


The Best Stainless Steel Iced Coffee Tumbler

The Simple Modern Classic Tumbler is made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel. It tops the list because it can keep beverages cold for 16 hours, and it can also be used for hot drinks too, keeping them hot for up to four hours. Your tumbler comes with two different BPA-free, insulated lids — a straw lid for cold beverages and a flip lid for hot ones — and two straws. Plus, it's available in 45 different colors, including some beautiful designs.

This particular tumbler has a capacity of 20 ounces, but you can snag versions as small as 16 ounces and as large as 28 ounces, as well as one with personalized engraving. According to Simple Modern, the 2.8-inch bottom diameter of the Classic Tumbler fits most cup holders, too.

Positive Amazon review: “I am the worlds slowest beverage drinker and if I make an iced coffee in the morning, it still has ice cubes in it when I get home 9 hours later. Works just as well for hot beverages. I love that it comes with the 2 different lids for hot and cold beverages.”


The Best Budget Stainless Steel Iced Coffee Tumbler

If your budget is tight but you want a stainless steel cup that can be used with both cold and hot beverages, look no further than the 24-ounce bubba Straw Envy vacuum-insulated tumbler. Featuring a vacuum-insulated dual wall, the stainless steel tumbler keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours and doesn't sweat. The lid is BPA-free and can be used with or without the included plastic straw (but unlike the Simple Modern Classic Tumbler, the lid isn’t insulated). A silicone pad on the bottom of the cup keeps it from sliding.

This stainless steel tumbler comes in several color combinations, in packs of two, and in an 18-ounce version.

Positive Amazon review: “I drink cold brew coffee brewed at home every day and this tumbler keeps ice in my cup from 6am until at least 4pm while I'm at work if not later! I recommend this item to anyone who likes to have a cold beverage all day no matter what the beverage is!”!


The Best Glass Iced Coffee Tumbler

It feels a little odd to call a cup adorable, but the 20-ounce Ello Tidal glass tumbler with a straw is adorable. The body of the tumbler is made of thick glass that feels strong, according to reviewers, and it's protected by a no-slip silicone sleeve. The lid is splash-resistant, and it comes with a plastic straw that has a lip by the end to prevent it from sliding free as you drink (you can also easily swap out for a straw of another material if you'd prefer).

All parts of the tumbler are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and you can snag the tumbler in five hues in addition to this perfectly pastel pink.

Positive Amazon review: “Love this tumbler, easy to clean, great quality, beautiful [...] color, won't slip out of your hands because of the silicone band, dishwasher safe. The tumbler itself is nice thick glass making it very sturdy (won't stain, smell or absorb flavors).”


The Best Plastic Tumbler

While the Copco Sierra Tritan cold tumbler doesn't have some of the bells and whistles of other tumblers on this list, it's the best bet for emulating the to-go cup experience — it looks just like a colorful version of a single-use cup you'd get at a coffee shop. It can hold 24 ounces of coffee, features a no-slip sleeve, and comes with a straw that flares at the end to keep it in the cup.

The BPA-free plastic cup is available in seven eye-catching colors. And if you want to stock up on tumblers for your home or the office, you can purchase them in sets of two and four.

Positive Amazon review: “This is so great for my iced coffee! There is nothing about this I do not like. The size is great, the cup seals well, doesn't sweat like the cups from coffee places. Great product. Now you can be earth friendly and wallet friendly.”

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