Your Kitty Deserves One Of These Highly-Rated Litter Boxes On Amazon

One tricky thing about living with a cat is navigating the confusing world of litter boxes. Maybe you're wondering how you can give them the most comfortable environment to go in, while also minimizing the daily headache of a messy cleanup for yourself. That's why it's important to find the best kitty litter boxes out there that'll be the perfect fit for both you and your pet.

Depending on your lifestyle and living space, you'll want to prioritize different features over others. If you're too busy to change the litter daily, you may opt to spend a bit more for a convenient, self-cleaning box. Or if you've noticed your cat uses the litter box more while home alone, you'll want to try one of the best covered litter boxes that give them privacy. Maybe you live in a tight apartment and are worried about odors. If that's the case, I'd recommend a top entry box that acts as a barrier for odors and tracking litter around on their paws.

Regardless of your exact needs, below, I've outlined the best litter boxes that'll be sure to leave your pet happy — and make your life much, much easier in the process.

A Top Entry Litter Box That Minimizes Messes & Odors

This top entry litter box by Clevercat is the best option for reducing odors and minimizing mess. Translation: Less work for you. Its textured removable lid reduces odors and features a 9-inch entry hole your cat can use to gain entry. And since they're not stepping right onto your floor when they're done, they'll be less likely to track little bits of litter around your home. With more than 1,600 Amazon reviews, this litter box comes highly-recommended. One reviewer raved, "This is the absolute BEST LITTER BOX. Cats immediately adapt to the top entry and deep enough to eliminate the scattering of litter." The best part? Users with more than one pet also noted how effective this is for keeping dogs from playing with or eating cat litter.

A Covered Litter Box With A Swinging Door For Privacy

This hooded cat litter box by AmazonBasics is another great covered option to reduce odors and give your cat privacy if they want it. At a super affordable $20 price point, it's made with odor-resistant plastic material and includes a replaceable carbon filter to minimize unwanted scents even further. It also has a plastic swinging door so your cat can easily get in and out, and the top cover is removable so changing the litter is a breeze. "This product is an amazing value," wrote an Amazon reviewer. "It snaps together and comes apart easily for litter changing, but is very sturdy enough to carefully relocate using the handle."

A Budget-Friendly Large Litter Pan That Sifts Litter & Saves Time

If you prefer a no-frills option that's cheap and effective, the sifting litter pan by Petmate is a solid choice. This litter sifting system includes one sifting pan and two regular pans that you stack on top of one another before you pour litter overtop. After your cat uses the litter, you can sift it through the sifting pan and catch any un-used litter in the bottom pan. This allows you to clean the litter without doing any scooping required. Plus, it reduces the amount of wasted litter. One Amazon reviewer noted that the difference was dramatic.

An Automatic Litter Box That Does All The Work For You — For A Steeper Price

If you're a cat owner that's constantly on the move, this automatic, self-cleaning littler box by PetSafe is about to make your life a whole lot easier. This innovative option uses disposable trays, sensors, an automatic rake, and a covered waste trap that detects when your cat uses the litter box and cleans up messes on its own. Seriously, you won't have to worry about changing or cleaning anything for weeks at a time. What's more, it also utilizes a plastic tray lining to protect against leaks and crystal litter that offers strong odor control. If you're willing to spend a bit more for the added convenience, you'll love this best-selling box. With more than 1,900 reviews, it truly is what one person called "a game changer."

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