These Laptop Stands Are Key If You Frequently WFB (Work From Bed)


Hunching over your laptop screen isn't great for your posture, but, even if you WFB (work from bed), resting your computer on your lap isn't great for your computer. It might cause your computer's hard drive to overheat quickly. Fortunately, the best laptop stands for beds solve this problem and more. They make it comfortable and easy to get work done from the comfort of your bedroom.

When shopping for a bed-friendly laptop stand, there are generally two styles to choose from: lap desks that sit, well, in your lap or stands designed to prop up your computer over your body. The right choice for you is mostly a matter of preference, but you should note that classic stands are generally adjustable to accommodate different height preferences. They're also a bit more expensive than the lower-profile lap desks. That said, if you intend to spend long hours working in bed, then a laptop stand might work best for you, especially if it comes equipped with a built-in USB fan to help with ventilation (aka prevent any unwanted overheating).

For more details on the best laptop stands for beds, read on to shop my picks, and be sure to check out the best laptop bags for when it's time to pack up and go.

The Best Laptop Stand

With a number of fantastic features, it's no wonder this laptop desk is one of the best-rated stands on Amazon with more than 1,800 glowing reviews. For starters, it's designed with two cooling USB fans that extract hot air from your computer to prevent overheating. It's also lightweight (about 3.5 pounds) and has an aluminum tray and adjustable legs to help you achieve the perfect angle.

When not in use, the stand's legs, complete with non-slip rubber bottoms, collapse for easy storage. The tray itself is 16.5 inches wide and textured, ensuring your laptop won't slip off. It even comes with a clip-on mouse tray to accommodate a mousepad!

The Best Lap Desk

This sleek gray lap desk has enough space to fit a 17-inch laptop, and, even better, it comes with a built-in mousepad to help you work more efficiently from bed. The right side of this "desk" has a slot where you can rest your phone for a clear view of all of your tech.

These features, plus a comfortable cushion underneath the desk, make it a great choice if you prefer a lap desk over a raised stand. It's also lightweight and comes with its own carrying handle, so it's easy to transport and put away when you're done working (or watching Netflix) on your bed.

The Most Affordable

This affordable lap desk is perfect for laptops up to 15 inches wide and is priced just right. Design-wise, it has two soft fleece cushions on its underside that'll sit comfortably in your lap and keep your laptop steady. The top is made of a hard plastic surface. It also has two recessed organizer trays to keep small items — like a phone or pens — secure.

At 1.5 pounds, this lap desk is the most portable and lightweight option on this list, so it's ideal if you plan on moving it around.

The Most Surface Area

Coming in at almost 24 inches wide, this folding laptop table has the most table space of any option on this list — plenty of room for a tablet in addition to a laptop. The stand's tray is made of a lightweight, birch-colored material and has foldable metal legs for easy storage. You can also adjust the height from 9.5 to 13 inches and tilt the tray up to 30 degrees to create the most ideal setup.

Keep in mind that, at 5 pounds in weight, this one's quite hefty, so it may not be the best choice if you plan on traveling with your laptop stand. Still, for the amount of workspace it provides, it can't be beat.

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