You'll Never Lose Your Bag Again With One Of These Durable Luggage Tags


After a long journey involving mediocre food, unreasonable delays, and cramped space, all you want is to get home at a reasonable time — and with the right bag. That’s why the savviest travelers rely on the best luggage tags to ensure that their trips are simple, easy, and free of complications like bag mixups.

A good luggage tag — one that's both user-friendly and made of a super durable material like plastic or leather — can easily become one of your favorite travel accessories. It'll help you quickly spot your suitcase in a crowded baggage claim, prevent weary travelers from confusing your bag with one of their own, and expedite the process of retrieving a lost bag.

Aside from thinking about how the tag will look strapped to your luggage, don't forget to consider how you'd like your information displayed... if at all. Some options make your contact information easily visible, but if you have concerns about prying eyes, some even boast protective covers and even smart features like GPS tracking via Bluetooth connectivity.

Ready to find your new bag tag? Here, discover four of the best available on Amazon, so you can add them to your cart along with the rest of your last-minute travel essentials.


For Extensive Travel: Super Durable Aluminum Luggage Tags

This coveted luggage tag set is a solid option for frequent travelers looking for something that’s durable enough to keep up with their pace. Made out of a reinforced aluminum material that’s capable of handling inevitable wear and tear, these tags also boast a thick, steel cable for securely attaching them to your belongings. With a casing frame made to fit any standard business card, they're sure to look extra professional. Don't have business cards? No worries, a printable ID card will be emailed to you with your purchase.


For Privacy Concerns: Leather Luggage Tags With Protective Cover Flaps

For anyone who wants both style and security when it comes to their travel gear, this pair of genuine leather tags is a great choice. Each comes with a reinforced leather strap, a privacy flap for keeping your personal information concealed, and a stainless steel buckle to ensure they won't go missing — oh, and a one-year warranty. One Amazon reviewer was very pleased with the "high-quality product," writing that the tags "are well made and they hide your name and address to casual onlookers."


For Lots Of Bags: A Large Set Of Budget-Friendly Luggage Tags

This set of assorted luggage tags is ideal for multiple suitcases, because it comes with 14 ready-to-use silicone tags in seven different neon colors, which makes them extra identifiable. A reviewer raved that they're "sturdy enough to hold up to whatever abuse the airlines can dish out," while another applauded the fact that they've stayed intact after multiple flights. They come with blank cards to fill in your contact details, but you can just as easily fit a business card inside the slot. With a lifetime warranty and a 100 percent money-back guarantee, it's no wonder this is beloved by Amazon customers.


For Wireless Tracking: A Smart Luggage Tag That Uses Bluetooth Technology

If you want a next-level bag tagging experience, go for a smart luggage tag like this one from Toksam. Using Bluetooth technology capable of connecting within a 164-foot range, the $24 device tracks your bag's whereabouts wirelessly just like a key or phone finder would. Besides notifying you when your luggage is nearby (e.g. on the baggage claim carrousel) via an app called SwiftFinder, it also requires minimal upkeep, thanks to a sturdy plastic housing and five years of internal battery life. As a reviewer put it, "You'll know if both you AND your luggage boarded the plane. Also, if your bag did not board the plane, you can track it with the app. I'll say it again — brilliant idea!"

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