Long Hours At Your Desk? These Lumbar Support Cushions Will Give You The Support You Need

Long hours spent at your desk can add up to some serious back and shoulder discomfort, but the best lumbar support cushions for office chairs can help take the edge off. A good lumbar support cushion will rest in the small of your back, where it'll help maintain the natural S-curve of your spine, align your ears, shoulders, and pelvis, and improve your posture. And according to the Cleveland Clinic, maintaining good posture when you sit is key — it decreases muscle strain, prevents fatigue, and alleviates existing pain while preventing future pain, too. All of the picks below are designed to align your body and improve your posture, which means all you have to do is decide what material you prefer.

Memory foam is by far the most commonly used material for lumbar support cushions since it offers firm support that molds comfortably to the contours of your body. However, some people find that memory foam gets warm quickly, so if you tend to run a little hot, you may want to opt for a gel-infused memory foam lumbar cushion to keep you cool. And if you're looking for the ultimate in breathability (and a more budget-friendly pick), you may want to forego memory foam altogether in favor of lightweight mesh.

Regardless of which material you choose, all of these lumbar cushions for office chairs will offer your spine the support it needs while being easy to install, so you can concentrate on the work at hand, instead of on an achey back.

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The Overall Best Lumbar Support Cushion

This lumbar support cushion is made with extra-durable, high-density memory foam that contours to your vertebrae to align your spine and improve your posture. It's covered in soft and cozy velour, and the two built-in straps are adjustable to keep it securely in place on chairs of most sizes. And while the memory foam can heat up a bit, the 3-D ventilated center panel cools things down just enough to keep most buyers from getting too hot.

According to a fan: "LOVE the lumbar support and memory foam comfort. I can work at my computer for a longer period of time without fatigue, neck aches, and lower back pain."


A Cooling Seat & Lumbar Support Cushion Combo

If you want to stay cool while typing away at your desk, this gel-infused memory foam cushion set is just the ticket. The temperature-regulating cushion also features strategically placed holes to enhance breathability, so there's even less chance of overheating. It's on the pricier side, but comes with a bonus ergonomic seat cushion that's contoured to further align your hips and take the pressure off your tailbone. It's also easy to strap onto your chair and adjust the height.

According to a fan: “I can actually sit comfortably in my chair at work with minimal pain, and I can easily transport the cushions in my car or to my home office. I LOVE this product.”


A Best-Selling Lumbar Support Cushion Available In A Range Of Colors

Style counts for something — even at the office — which is why this lumbar support cushion that comes in an array of bright and neutral colors. The cover is made with breathable, washable mesh, and like the first pick, the cushion is made from supportive memory foam and features adjustable straps that let you attach it to the chair. With more than 4,000 reviews, it's a popular choice.

According to a fan: “Working a desk job where I'm sitting 7+ hours a day, I started having really bad lower back pain. Tried foam roller, stretching, massages... nothing solved it. Ever since buying this, pain is gone.”


The Best Budget Option That's Also The Most Breathable

A wallet-friendly pick, this mesh lumbar support keeps the air circulating, making it the most breathable option on this list so you don't have to worry about back sweat. And while it's not cushiony, per se, it still places your spine in an optimal position to relieve and prevent pain. It also has this interesting feature: a beaded center panel that gives your back a slight massage with every movement. The adjustable strap makes it a breeze to attach and place just where you need it.

According to a fan: "I work from home, and my office is in the basement with no AC. I have a fan set up, which keeps me reasonably cool, but my back on my chair was still always getting damp. This does a great job at keeping my back cool.”