For A Professional-Level Clean, Use These Gentle Microfiber Towels On Your Car

When it comes to washing your car, microfiber towels offer a clear advantage: they're more absorbent than traditional cotton towels and much gentler on your car (aka less likely to leave scratches). But what should you look for when picking one out? You'd think the best microfiber towels for cars would be straightforward, but there are actually quite a few factors that go into it.

You'll first want to consider the blend of the fabric. Microfiber is made from polyester and polyamide. It's usually measured as a ratio (for example, 70/30 microfiber would mean 70 percent polyester and 30 percent polyamide). Generally speaking, the higher the polyamide content, the softer the material will be.

Next, look at absorbency. This is often measured based on how much of the towel's weight it can hold in water. Sometimes the brand provides this metric, but if not, you can often get a better idea of the absorbency by reading reviews.

Lastly, look at the sides of the towel. Rough edges are often the culprit for scratches left during buffing and detailing. For that reason, it's best to get towels with low-profile edges that are covered in a soft material, like silk.

With all of this in mind, I've made a list of the best microfiber towels for your next auto detailing project.

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The Overall Best Microfiber Towels

What's great about them: With more than 2,600 reviews on Amazon, these high-quality microfiber towels are a fan-favorite among car enthusiasts. Constructed with a 70/30 microfiber blend, reviewers love how soft they are, noting that they retain their fluff without creating a lot of lint. One side features a high-pile design for drying and light buffing, while the other side has shorter pile for wiping off wax and polish. With soft, silk banding to reduce the chance of scratches, these towels are available in three different sizes.

What fans say: "These are often regarded as the benchmark car wash towels and for excellent reason. The microfiber seems to be of excellent quality ... The dual sided nature makes the towel very diverse while the quality of the microfiber and the adequate density of the towels make them an all around excellent towel and 'jack of all trades' in the detailing world."

  • Available sizes: 16 by 16 inches; 16 by 24 inches; 25 by 36 inches
The Most Durable

What's great about them: Made with a soft, waffle weave, these top-grade microfiber towels are extra thick and durable. In addition to being soft and gentle on your car, the fabric design allows for exceptional absorption. While the exact fabric blend isn't stated, reviewers say these are super soft and don't leave lint behind. While the edges do have protective silk banding to prevent scratches, the manufacturer says it's safer not to use them to wipe your car.

What fans say: "Mine are leaving zero lint, and are picking up a good amount of water. I'm able to completely dry a four door sedan with 2 of these."

  • Available sizes: 16 by 24 inches
The Best Value

What's great about them: These budget microfiber towels are smaller and thinner than my previous picks, but they make an excellent option if you don't need anything fancy and want to save a little money. The microfiber is a 90/10 blend that's absorbent, and streak-free. Like the first pick, they're hugely popular on Amazon, with more than 3,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. The material is not only soft and streak-free but capable of absorbing an impressive eight times its weight in water.

What fans say: "These towels are awesome. I use the blue ones to clean the inside of my car (leather seats and dashboard). I use the yellow ones to towel dry after washing my car ... They are thick and soft and have been through the wash numerous times and have not worn out yet."

  • Available sizes: 15.5 by 12 inches
The Best Car Detailing Set

What's great about them: These high-end microfiber towels are woven with 400 grams per square meter, which means they're incredibly plush and durable. Similarly to the first pick, they're two-sided, with a high-pile on one side for drying and a low-pile on the other for buffing with products like polish and wax. The set comes with a shining formula for your car's exterior that will leave it looking glossy while repelling water, dirt, heat, and sun damage.

What fans say: "The results are nothing short of breathtaking! A showroom shine in no time! I have told everyone I know to buy this product."

  • Available sizes: Not specified