These Powerful Oscillating Fans Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

by Lisa Fogarty
A compact fan, a mountable oscillating fan, and a pedestal fan that can tilt back

Hot days and stuffy rooms can be torture, and a central air conditioning unit isn't always a realistic or affordable solution. That's where the best oscillating fans step in and step up to create a comfortable environment no matter how hot or humid it gets in your neck of the woods.

Regardless of your space or needs, there's an oscillating fan that will be perfect for you. Got a huge living room that's so balmy in July you could roast marshmallows on the window sill? A pedestal fan, mounted fan, or a standing fan that cools like air conditioners can turn a living room into a room you'll actually want to sit and spend time in.

If your room is smaller and lacks space, one of the best tower fans with oscillation is perfect: you can position them in a corner and forget they're even there. And if your office manager never turns on the air conditioning, or you're planning to travel to a warm weather locale, a personal fan is compact, travel-friendly, and can keep a breeze coming your way in a sweltering office.

To save you the trouble of excessive research, I've gathered up the best oscillating fans with a variety of amazing features, from remote controls, to quiet settings, to a tilt-able face. Start scrolling, cool air will be coming your way in no time.


The Quietest Tower Fan That's Perfect For Light Sleepers

This space-saving tower fan, which you can easily tuck into a corner of your room, is one of the quietest oscillating fans money can buy. It has three “whisper quiet” speed settings, so that you can sleep uninterrupted by a noisy fan or a hot room, and is equip with a 12-hour timer and remote control so you can adjust the temperature of your space no matter where you are. It oscillates 90 degrees to cover your entire space, and features an easy-to-read screen that provides clear temperature settings, and an adjustable height so it can fit anywhere. Sealed with a Consumer Reports stamp of approval, this fan is an amazing purchase that reviewers love as well. One fan raves, "Super silent and moves air around really well, they definitely tried to accommodate light sleepers in this product."


A Pedestal Fan That Can Tilt Back For Large Rooms

If you have a large space that needs cooling, this is the pedestal fan for you — especially if your room has high ceilings. This fan can be adjusted from 38 to 54.5 inches to suit any height room, and can even tilt backward to cool your room on an angle. It also features a 90-degree widespread oscillation that covers your space from one end to another. It has three quiet settings, that, while not as quiet as other fans on this list, won't be loud or bothersome.

A few things to note: this fan doesn't come with its own remote, so you'll have to be nearby to adjust the temperature settings. And, reviewers report that this fan works better in a larger space, and might be too big for a bedroom or small room.


A Compact Fan That's Great For Travel Or The Office

This personal oscillating fan is so compact (it measures about 9 inches high) that it can sit on your desk at work or at home to provide a cool burst of air where you need it. With a design that allows you to rotate the face of the fan up to use it or down to hide it in its sleek black frame, this fan is a lightweight option that will fit in almost any suitcase. It also features two speed settings and a pivoting head to control air flow. Best of all? It boasts many of the same features you’d find on a larger floor fan (minus the remote control and the ability to adjust the oscillation). One reviewer praises this fan as a "mighty little wonder," that "keeps me nice and cool."


A Mountable Oscillating Fan You Can Put On Your Wall

For the full experience with an oscillating fan, you'll want to invest in a fan that has many different oscillating settings, like this mountable wall fan. This fan features three speed settings and three oscillation settings so that you can customize the direction of your airflow. Consider it for medium to large rooms with extra wall space, as it mounts to your wall and delivers air from above. It also has figure-8 pattern blades that are designed to deliver more even and uniform air circulation, and it comes with a six hour incremental timer. It even has its own remote control, so you can sit back, relax, and operate this fan from anywhere in the room.

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