The 4 Best Pilates Socks

Pilates is one of those workouts that looks like a breeze when you're just sitting there observing a class and then proves to be totally amazing agony on muscles you never knew you had. Generally speaking, pilates classes require little to no equipment — but the best pilates socks are a must.

Whether you're getting your pilates curls, hundreds, or plank to push-ups on in a studio with slippery, shiny wood floors or in someone's home gym on carpet, a good pair of pilates socks will elevate your workout. They can help you stay in static positions for longer and support you as you transition from one move to the next without slipping and falling. These socks, also known as barre, ballet, and yoga socks, should have non-slip silicone grips (ideally from toe to heel).

Non-slip socks for pilates come in a few cute styles like Mary Jane, criss-cross straps, and traditional no-show socks — some even have functional cooling mesh and fashion-forward glitter accents. If you have foot pain or a history of injury, there are socks with features like arch compression to make your workout more comfortable. Plus, all of the pairs on this list boast fabrics that are naturally moisture-wicking because no one needs the distraction of sweaty feet during a workout.

Before you hit your next pilates class, add these supportive socks to your bag and get the most out of your workout.