The 4 Best Programmable Thermostats Under $50

If your utility bill tends to lean high, it's time to try a programmable thermostat. They reduce energy costs and keep your home at a comfortable, pre-programmed temperature. And though those perks might sound expensive, the best programmable thermostats under $50 are out there, and they get the job done.

When choosing a thermostat, you'll first want to consider how much time you spend at home. Programmable thermostats come in three different models that offer different levels of customization and dictate how many days a week you can set temperature schedules. For instance, with seven-day models, you can set a new schedule every day. Five-two-day models, however, let you set one schedule for five days a week and another for the remaining two days. Lastly, five-one-one-day models give you the same schedule Monday through Friday, a second one Saturday, and a third one Sunday.

Here, I've included the best of each of these models with compact designs and sleek digital displays. Though most thermostats are made to be used with central cooling and heating systems, I've also included a plug-in option that's great for portable systems like window AC units and space heaters. The best part? Every single one is under $50.