Just Trust Me, These Piping Hot Steam Mops Do Literal Wonders For Tile Floors

By and large, tile floors are one of the easiest floor types to clean, which is why they're a favorite in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. But that's difficult to remember when you're dealing with dirty grout. Fear not, however, because the best steam mops for tile get the job done.

Tile is more resistant to dirt than other flooring, but it's prone to residue that can settle in between the cracks and make grout look discolored. The problem with most mops, especially those that have sponge heads, is that they push dirty water straight into tile grout, which is obviously frustrating and defeats the entire purpose of cleaning.

Steam mops work by using nothing more than steam to lift away dirt and stains, killing nearly 100 percent of bacteria and germs in the process. You don't even need to use additional, potentially harsh, cleaners if you don't want to (in fact, you should never put them in a steam mop's water tank). A steam mop with features like a built-in scrubber, various steam settings, and an ergonomic mop head will make cleaning tile so much easier — and guess what? There are plenty of great options on the market.

No matter what your budget or which features you consider deal breakers, here, find the best ones for tile.

The Overall Best Steam Mop With A Built-In Scrubber For Extra Cleaning Power

With more than 9,000 Amazon reviews, Bissel's PowerFresh Steam Mop comes feature-packed for a relatively affordable price. Its digital face requires just the push of a button to control how much steam comes out and at what temperature (low, medium, or high). The 16-ounce water tank is removable and easy to refill, and the low-profile, scrubber-clad mop head will easily fit under furniture. And if you have pets, you're in luck: This mop comes with fragrance disks that neutralize bad odors and keep your floors and rooms smelling fresh. Reviewers say it's amazing on tile and grout but, assuming you are planning to us it on multiple floor types, can leave streaks on hardwood floor.

The Most Convenient Steam Mop With Dual-Sided Pads You Don't Even Have To Touch

This steam mop has dual-sided, washable mop pads that give you double the cleaning power. They're made with interwoven fabric that gets between tile and scrubs grout gently. Similar to the mop above, this one has three steam settings — plus a button that targets a powerful stream where you need it most — and can be used on multiple floor types. One of the biggest complaints about moderately priced steam mops is that the steam distribution tends to be uneven, but this mop does a good job at delivering steam throughout the width of the pad. And if you're wary of touching dirty pads, get this: Shark's Genius model has an auto-release button so you can put them right into your hamper, hands-free.

The Best Budget Steam Mop That Gets The Job Done

This affordable steam mop is simple but effective. While you shouldn’t expect it to boast a ton of features, it has everything you could possibly need for quick daily cleanings on tile floors — including, you might've guessed, three steam temperature options that require just 20 seconds to heat up. The microfiber pads (it comes with two) can be washed and reused up to 25 times, saving you time and money. Plus, its unique triangular mop head is perfect for getting into corners where dust and debris love to accumulate. Since it weighs just 5 pounds, it's easy to tote and store.

A 5-In-1 Steam Mop That'll Clean Way More Than Just Your Tile

If the thought of investing in a steam mop to serve one function seems excessive, you'll want to consider a five-in-one option like this one from Light 'N' Easy. It heats up in 30 seconds and, like the others on this list, has three temperature settings. The large water tank allows for 20 to 25 minutes of continuous cleaning on the lowest setting and about 10 minutes on its high setting — which is great if you have a large space to clean. It's obviously ideal for tile, but it also comes with several attachments including a jet stream nozzle and a flexible hose that transform it into a handheld garment steamer as well as a cleaning tool for shower walls, countertops, and more.

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