6 Mops Help You Clean Smarter, Not Harder

by Lisa Fogarty

When it comes to shopping for a mop, there are tons of options on the market, but the best microfiber mops are largely considered, well, the best option of all. Of course, cotton-polyester and rayon mops each have their own pros and cons, but if you're searching for a more eco-friendly mop that is super sanitary, and uses fewer (or no) chemicals, microfiber mops are an amazing option.

Microfiber mops stand out because they have heads that can be popped in the washing machine and used over and over again — sometimes as often as hundreds of times before they need to be replaced. Their non-abrasive pads are gentle on all floors, making them one of the best mops for hardwood floors, which are delicate, expensive, and require extra attention and care. And, instead of pushing dirt and hair around (because sometimes your vacuum doesn't catch everything), these mops actually trap debris — many even come with separate pads that can dry mop your floors.

This list of microfiber mops includes everything from a minimalist microfiber cloth mop that costs less than $10 to a spin mop and even a steam mop. They may differ in terms of features and price, but they're all excellent all-purpose mops that you'll rely on daily to keep your floors squeaky clean.


Best Overall Mop For Dry And Damp Mopping

The best everyday mop goes above and beyond just plain mopping — and this microfiber mop is the perfect example of a multitasking cleaning device you’ll use all the time. This mop has an 18-inch pad — one of the wider pads you’ll find — which means it will cover more of your floor in one full sweep and save you time.

It also comes with two pads: a wet mop pad that can be used with water or cleaning agents to get floors spotless and a dry mop pad that attracts dust, dirt, and pet hair. Its telescopic pole is made from stainless steel (so expect it to be durable) and it extends so that you can use it no matter what your height. The pad itself swivels 360 degrees and easily fits under furniture and into tighter corners.

It’s completely safe to use on all floor types: hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, and even concrete floors. And dual pads will get floors cleaner with less hassle (and it can save you from plugging in your vacuum — what’s better than that?).


Best Microfiber Cloth Mop That Costs Less Than $10

This traditional wring-and-use mop made from microfiber cloth and it's O-Cedar’s most popular commercial mop. It's safe on all floors, including hardwood. And here’s the big pro: it won’t leave annoying streaks, which is often a trade-off when using a standard microfiber pad mop.

You can use this mop up to 100 times before the head has to be replaced, and a replacement head costs less than $10. You can also toss the mop head in the washing machine to keep it fresh.

This is a bare-bones, super affordable mop, so it comes with a few minor drawbacks. This is not a complete cleaning system, which means you’ll need to purchase a separate bucket. It would also be helpful to buy a bucket that has a wringing option so that you don’t have to wring this mop with your hands each time.

But if you’re searching for a more standard mop that does a great job of cleaning all floor types, this is your best option.


The Best All-Inclusive Mop System That’s Perfect For Hardwood Floors

This is way more than just a mop — it’s more like a mop system: one that comes with everything you’ll need to mop floors easily and with as little effort as possible. This mop comes with two microfiber mop heads that swivel 180 degrees and have an extendable handle (up to 56 inches). The mop also has a lock so you can reach up and use it to clean windows. It comes with a slew of accessories: a bucket and soap dispenser, a mop plate, and a scrub brush attachment that can be used to scrape up caked-on messes (but that should never be used on hardwood floors).

This mop spins out water effortlessly so you won’t see as many drips and streaks on floors and your floors will dry faster. This feature makes it a top choice for hardwood floors, which can become damaged if water seeps into cracks and crevices.

There’s just one downside: the bucket can be quite heavy, according to some reviewers. But this is a top-notch sophisticated mop and bucket system.


A More Affordable Mop And Bucket With A Built-In Wringer

This is a more simplified version of the previous spin mop and bucket system and is great for anyone who wants an all-inclusive system, but doesn’t need the bells and whistles that can come with a more expensive, sophisticated version. The bucket has a built-in wringer that you activate via a foot pedal, so it provides another hands-free wringing option, but requires a little more work on your part. Push down on the pedal one time for a damp mop and twice for a drier mop that is better to use on hardwood floors.

The bucket features a Splash Guard to keep you dry. And the microfiber mop stands out because of its triangular design, which is perfect for cleaning corners. It also has 360-degree rotation and is great for cleaning under furniture.


A Microfiber Spray Mop For Quick And Easy Cleaning

Spray mops eliminate the need for a bucket of water or separate cleaning chemicals. They’re easier to store and work well on all floor types, including hardwood. This spray mop has a gentle scrubber attachment that won’t scrape floors. Its microfiber pads can be washed and reused up to 100 times before they need to be replaced. The 22-ounce bottle can be refilled with your favorite cleaning solution, which is super convenient.

This compact mop is a great option if you’re short on storage and, unlike a lot of spray mops that rely on batteries, this one doesn’t require them.


The Best Microfiber Steam Mop

This is a popular steam mop option that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs without chemicals. You can set its digital controls to low, medium, or high to customize the amount of steam you use so that it works safely on all floor types (from vinyl to hardwood floors). The steam heats up in just 30 seconds and Febreze fragrance discs help neutralize odors, which is especially helpful if you have pets.

Since the water tank is at the top of the mop, it’s really easy to refill it will you’re mopping. You can opt to use the gentle microfiber mop pad, which is washable and replaceable, or its built-in scrubber feature that removes stubborn stains from floors (just be careful when you’re mopping hardwood floors so that you don’t scrape and damage them).