The 4 Best Toaster Ovens Under $100

When you're cooking on a budget, delightful meals such as a rotisserie chicken or artisanal pizza sound like the stuff of fantasies — unless you have a toaster oven capable of bringing those fantasies to life. Whether your kitchen actually lacks a standard oven or you’re simply looking for a cheaper way to prepare dinner, the best toaster ovens under $100 will help you whip up delicious, sizzling entrees in a compact and energy-efficient manner.

If counter space is an issue for you, fear not: Even the smallest toaster ovens can expertly cook food with ease. While a conventional oven cooks your food by surrounding it with hot air, most modern toaster ovens use a convection method in which a fan placed at the back of the oven blows warm air directly onto the food to promote rapid and even heating. Using large-capacity toaster ovens — or even one of the best mini toaster ovens — you'll be able to roast, broil, toast, reheat, and bake. As a bonus, many of them come with additional features like baking pans, removable tongs, or even rotisserie skewers.

From the best toaster oven for cooking two casseroles at once to the magical combination device that provides you with your very own griddle, here are four of the best budget toaster ovens to help you prepare the delicious and high-quality meals you've been craving.