Waterproof Socks Exist — & These Are The Best Ones To Get


Regular socks are great when it comes to exercise and everyday wear, but if you're looking for a pair with substantial durability and versatility — or a pair that’s made for extreme activity and exposure to the elements — finding the best waterproof socks is your goal.

It might seem easy to navigate what waterproof socks look like — they're just a fancy sock, right? — but, when choosing the pair that's right for you, there are a number of factors to consider. First, the line between breathability and insulation. Are you looking for socks that are light and ventilated, or are you more concerned with keeping every ounce of water out? Along that same idea, you have to keep in mind the kind of material and whether you'd want something that can be submerged in water versus strong water resistance. And, of course, don't forget about your activity level and type (aka what you actually need the socks for), your comfort preferences, your budget, and your ideal style.

To help you navigate the types of waterproof socks and find what’s best for you, I've compiled a list of the four best options on the market. Read on to shop them, then check out even more of the best women's socks.


The Best Overall Waterproof Socks That'll Provide The Most Protection

For full-on submersion or extreme water activities, these NeoSport Water Socks offer supreme durability and insulation. Unlike the other brands on this list, these socks are fully neoprene (2 millimeter!), meaning they can guarantee no moisture will be on your feet — even if you're wearing a wetsuit underwater. They're soft and warm, offer the best thermal protection, and have traction soles for a non-slip grip. Available in two distinct styles – hi top or low top – and a traditional black color, these socks come in men's sizes, but women can size down for the correct fit.

  • Available sizes: 4 - 16 (Men's)


A Breathable Pair Of Waterproof Socks

If you prefer mid-calf socks, these black and aqua blue Dexshell Coolvent Mid-Calf Waterproof Socks are a great pick, as they offer coverage at a comparable price. These Dexshell socks are lightweight and crafted using a nylon and elastane blend with special yarns that help with waterproofing. They have a seamless construction with heel cushions that prevent chafing, and they offer more breathability than the others on this list, while keeping your feet dry and cool.

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large


Mid-Knee Socks That Offer Maximum Leg Coverage & Moisture Protection

If you’re looking for a knee-high pair of waterproof socks that offer more coverage, these black SealSkinz Waterproof Hiking Socks are ideal. Made from a combination of nylon and elastane on the outside, and merino wool on the inside, they're both waterproof and breathable (though slightly less so than the Dexshell pair). The wool interior helps with moisture control, and the elastic ankle and insteps offer both a comfortable and supportive fit. They're slightly thicker for added warmth in cooler temperatures, but they're not too thick to wear with normal shoes.

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large


A Discreet Pair Of Ankle Socks That Still Gets The Job Done

These SealSkinz Waterproof Ankle socks are the most discreet, while still providing the same comfort and waterproofing other options offer (and at a similar price). Made with an acrylic, elastane, and polyester blend that's lined with merino wool, these breathable socks boast extra comfort. They feature a toe closure that prevents irritation at the seams and are sure to keep your feat warm and dry. This particular pair comes in two color options: dark grey/black or grey.

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large

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