Here Are The Surprisingly Clutch Wet Mops You Can Get On Amazon

When it comes to household chores, there's a reason why tasks like doing the dishes or organizing your closet get prioritized over mopping the floors: When you don't have the right equipment, mopping can be tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, the best wet mops can keep your floors looking clean, shiny, and bright — without forcing you to set aside an entire weekend afternoon.

Although there is a wide variety of mops on the market these days, many people prefer traditional wet mops, because they're just that: traditional. Wet mops are straightforward, user-friendly, and they get the job done. Unlike dry mops, which primarily facilitate sweeping up dust and crumbs, wet mops are ideal for cleaning up spills and tougher stains.

While the main qualities you want to look for in a wet mop are durability and simplicity, some also come with handy bonus features like a reliable wringing mechanism or microfiber mop heads that don't need any cleaning solution to get the job done. Microbiologist Doctor Michael Schmidt told CBS New York that microfibers are smaller than human hairs, so, in addition to successfully trapping dust, they can even capture bacteria and viruses. Just note that if you have to do something deeper than a standard clean — such as wiping down the kitchen floor after dropping raw food — it's still a good idea to use a disinfectant.

If you're ready to have shiny floors without having to give up several hours of your day, here are four of the best wet mops to keep your living space feeling clean, fresh, and protected.

The Overall Best Wet Mop Considering Price & Versatility

Made from a sturdy and absorbent microfiber cloth that's machine-washable up to 100 times, it's no wonder this popular mop from O-Cedar is one of the best wet mops on the market. In addition to being versatile (it works on hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors), it's also a long-lasting investment, with microfiber cloth refills available for just $7 a piece. And while many mops can weigh between 4 pounds and 5 pounds, the O-Cedar comes in at under 2 pounds, creating less strain on your back and making the mop much easier to use. Fans have been particularly happy with its efficiency and affordability. One Amazon user called it "a total game changer," while another praised the fact that "the microfibers pick EVERYTHING up."

The Best Wet Mop For Cleaning Additional Surfaces Like Cabinets

If the top of your refrigerator and your hard-to-reach kitchen cabinets are starting to look dusty and neglected, this multipurpose wet mop is a game-changer. Fans love using this device — which features a no-slip hand grip and a sturdy design — to clean through all those tricky nooks and crannies. A happy Amazon customer loved the versatility the Libman provided, writing in a review that they used it to "scrub baseboards, mop UNDER furniture, get those tiny crevices clean between furniture and the wall… [and] you know that annoying area behind the toilet and alongside the toilet, yep, it can clean those areas too." Its absorbent mop head is machine-washable, and its built-in sleeve twists over the mop head to wring out water. That said, if you have delicate floors and are worried about achieving the perfect level of moisture, this mop is the one for you.

The Best Wet Mop That Can Also Be Used Dry

For anyone who is particularly wary of using chemicals while cleaning, this wet and dry mop is key. Made of a quality microfiber material that can pick up debris (as well as some bacteria and viruses), the mop pads are machine-washable, ensuring you can clean all those hard-to-reach spaces and promptly launder them. Its pole extends from 33 inches to 59 inches, and if you're not satisfied with its cleaning powers, it's protected by a lifetime warranty. "Great mop," penned an Amazon reviewer, "just what I have been looking for! Arrived super fast. I was astounded at how well the mop cleaned my wood and tile floors."

A Spin Mop & Bucket Combo That's Worth The Investment

If you want your mopping experience to be as streamlined as possible, this spin mop and bucket combo could be a great solution. Unlike other spin mops that require the use of a foot pedal or plastic spinning axis, this mop wrings itself out with the push of a handle. Its bucket is sturdy yet lightweight enough to not be a burden as you clean, and the microfiber mop head is machine-washable and lasts for about six months to a year. Although its main function is to work as a wet mop, like the option above, the Twist and Shout can be used as a dry mop to pick up light hair and dust if need-be. One reviewer raved, "I purchased the mop over one year ago. The mop head is still in good condition but I wanted a spare. I never thought mopping could be an easy job, but with the Twist and Shout Mop it is a breeze. I can't believe that I am saying that I love a mop."

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