Hey Yogis! Deepen Your Practice With These Comfy Blankets ⁠That Are All Machine Washable

While you can incorporate any standard blanket into your practice, the best yoga blankets are designed to be comfortable, supportive, washable, easy-to-fold, and large enough for your needs. In yoga, blankets are used for three purposes: as a prop to facilitate alignment during asanas, as a cushion to keep you comfortable during meditation, and as a cover to keep you warm during savasana (or corpse pose).

In most yoga studios, you'll likely find what's often referred to as a "Mexican blanket." They're colorful, tassled, made from a blend of materials, and traditionally used for yoga because they're sturdy and washable. That said, you don't necessarily need a Mexican blanket — just make sure that whatever you choose, is made from a material that will support your body without collapsing. Overly plush blankets might feel soft, but they won't function as adequate yoga props when used during your practice.

Finally, check the dimensions of the blanket to ensure that it's big enough for your needs. A blanket should cover your whole body during savasana, but bigger blankets aren't just for tall yogis — they can also be folded in a larger variety of ways to help customize the height and level of support.

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The Overall Best Yoga Blanket

Looking for something that's warm, durable, supportive, washable, and highly reviewed? Go with this traditional yoga blanket from YogaAccessories. It's made from a mix of acrylic, polyester, and cotton, and it's fully machine-washable to ensure that it stays clean, whether you're using it at home or in the studio. With its weight of 2.4 pounds, it's thin enough that you can retain your balance, but thick enough that it's supportive and cozy. Get it in your choice of 12 different colors.

  • Size: 75 by 52 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I just started yoga at home and the girl I follow on YouTube uses one. So I bought one. It's comfy to sit on or lay on during yoga. It stays rolled up. I use it for support when the yoga block is too thick. It gives me just enough lift to accomplish the yoga pose.


The Most Budget-Friendly Pick

If you're willing to take a gamble on the color, you can save a bit of money with El Paso Designs' yoga blanket. Each one is created on a loom using recycled acrylic materials, a loose-stitch, and a traditional Mexican pattern. That said, because the color is selected at random, it'll cost you just $16. Currently, this blanket has a 4.6-star rating and over 1,900 reviews. The company doesn't specify it as being machine washable, but multiple customers noted that they washed just fine.

  • Size: 74 by 54 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I love that I chose the random option and actually received one of my top choices for the color combo! My blanket arrived promptly and it’s just as described. Not too thick and not too thin, this will be perfect for my meditation classes and has already proven to be perfect for my yoga practices!"


The Best Cotton Yoga Blanket

For those who'd prefer all-natural materials, the Lotuscrafts yoga blanket is made from 100% cotton; it's also manufactured and dyed under sustainable and fair working conditions. Yes, it's thinner than most — but since it's also bigger, you can customize your level of support, thickness, and warmth by folding it in various ways. You can also wash it in the machine.

  • Size: 80 by 60 inches

One reviewer wrote: "Love the color and that it is 100% cotton. Perfect to use during practice. Much better than the cheap acrylic blankets the studio provides, and I’m in control of laundering."


An Eco-Friendly Wool Yoga Blanket

Wool is a great fabric for fitness activities because, despite its warmth, it wicks moisture and is surprisingly breathable. This blanket from the yoga brand Manduka is made from 75% wool and 25% synthetic materials — and both of the aforementioned are fully recycled, so it's an eco-friendly pick too. You can wash this blanket on the delicate cycle and hang it out to dry, which will preserve its soft, plush texture that works equally well as a support prop or a savasana cover. Finally, since it's the largest blanket on this list, it's likely the best pick for tall yogis.

  • Size: 82 by 60 inches

One reviewer wrote: "This yoga blanket by Manduka is great. It took a little getting used to because I was used to the Mexican blankets at the local studio but I love the thickness of this blanket. It is really big when totally opened up. I love how cozy it is for Savasana. And when folded up it makes a great support for meditation."