The 46 Best Shark Tank Products Under $25 On Amazon


Sometimes the most useful products come from smaller, independent entrepreneurs instead of the big brand name companies — but these products aren't always easy to find when you're just casually browsing through aisles. That's where Shark Tank comes in. Not only does the show give a select few hopefuls the chance to team up with a successful investor, but they also get easy publicity for a product that the masses likely haven't heard of before. Even the products that don't get deals with the sharks can become wildly successful, and many of these genius products you can easily find right on Amazon.

From a young kid pitching his dissolvable toy glue to the couple who came up with the fun wine glass that attaches directly to the bottle, there are hundreds of Shark Tank-approved products available on Amazon — but in an effort not to break the bank, I've also kept this slideshow to items under $25.

Be warned: personal experience implores me to tell you that exploring Shark Tank products without boundaries can quickly lead to a hefty $300+ charge on your credit card, and while I choose to live my life with reckless abandon, I recognize that not everyone has an appreciation fiscal irresponsibility.

Because these products are just that good.


The Cooking Splatter Guard Made From Durable SIlicone

Designed to fit 10-inch pans, the Frywall splatter screen alternative is a flexible splatter guard made from silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The wide mouth gives you convenient access to your food without having to remove a lid, and unlike traditional splatter screens, this guard allows steam to escape so that your food doesn't become soggy. It's even great for small kitchens, as you can roll it up to fit almost anywhere.


A Tonic Spray That Soothes Dry, Irritated Skin

Whether you've got irritating bug bites, dry patches, or even blisters, the Wondercide organic skin tonic spray can provide fast relief without relying on any artificial colors, fragrances, or alcohols. This spray is formulated with therapeutic-grade essential lavender, cedar, lemongrass, and neem oils that make it safe for pets and people of all ages, and it's so gentle (yet effective) that you can even use it multiple times in one day.


The Natural Deodorant That Uses Activated Charcoal To Keep You Dry

Whereas deodorants that rely on baking soda to be effective can become irritating, the PiperWai natural deodorant jar is packed with coconut oil, shea, and cocoa seed butter that make it great for anyone with sensitive skin. The activated charcoal in this deodorant absorbs the moisture from your underarms so that your shirts stay dry, and since this is a non-antiperspirant deodorant it also won't clog your pores.


A Handy Tool That Makes Massaging Sore Back Muscles Easy

Paying for a professional massage after a long, stressful day at work can cost hundreds of dollars, so why not try the Q-Flex acupressure and body massage tool for a fraction of the cost instead? The angled design allows for a natural hand grip so you can do this without any help — and the knobs provide pressure exactly where you need it. It's also helpful in reaching acupressure points, so this device can actually relax you with just a few minutes of use a day.


The Caps That Protect Your Heels From The Outdoors

Ever walk over a patch of grass and have your heels sink into it? With the Solemates heel protectors complete collection, you get three protecting heel caps in varying sizes (narrow, classic, and wide) that help keep you from sinking into grass, cracked sidewalks, grates, wooden decks, cobblestones, and more. Not only do they keep you from sinking, but they also help extend the life of your heels since they prevent damage — plus, they're clear and blend into your shoes, making them suitable for any outfit.


A Simple Gadget That Keeps Your Glasses From Falling Off Your Shirt

Each order comes with one silver and one black ReadeREST eyeglass holder — and you'll want two, because these convenient gadgets sturdily hold your eyeglasses to any shirt you own. They're also easy to use because they rely on two sturdy magnets between the front and inside of your shirt, and they're great for keeping your earbuds, or ID badge secure.


A Spray That Repels Liquid So That Your Fabrics Are Safe From Stains

The Sharks were blown away when they saw the DetraPel liquid repellent spray in action, and for good reason — this spray repels almost any liquid-based substance so that it doesn't get absorbed into your leather, furniture, shoes, carpeting, clothing, and more. The non-stick and antibacterial properties in this spray help prevent any bacteria or mold from growing without changing the texture of the material where it's been applied, and it also helps prevent fading from UV rays.


The Invention That Prevents Your Belongings From Falling Between The Seats In Your Car

The other sharks laughed when Lori Grenier invested in the Drop Stop original car seat gap filler, but with over 3,500 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear the invention is a winner. All you have to do is insert it between your seat and the console, and the Drop Stop will prevent phones, loose change, credit cards, and more from falling underneath. One size fits most vehicles, and because it moves with your seatbelt there's no need to re-adjust it over time.


A Reusable Sandwich Bag Made From Durable Silicone

The Stasher silicone food bag can hold up to 15 ounces and is reusable, which helps save you money on sandwich bags in the long-run. Unlike other plastic food bags, this one keeps your food fresh with the pinch-press seal that's air-tight, and it's also safe for boiling water as well as the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. You can even use it to keep your guacamole from browning.


The Organic Facial Cleanser That Won't Dry Out Your Skin

Whereas many cleansers leave you feeling flaky, the Nardo's Natural exfoliating facial cleanser is formulated to both remove impurities from your pores — as well as exfoliate away dead cells without drying out your skin. Green and white tea give a nourishing burst of antioxidants, and the non-abrasive formula makes this a great cleanser for removing makeup, dirt, and other residues that may end up clogging your pores and cause breakouts.


A Hand Wipe That Gets Rid Of Stubborn Grease, Oil, And More

Soap and water aren't always available when you're out doing dirty projects, so when that happens, use the Grease Monkey Wipes heavy-duty cleaning wipes to get rid of any grease, oil, lubricants, grime, dirt, and more from your skin. Great for toolboxes, emergency kits, or even just your backpack, these wipes come individually packaged and have a nice citrus scent that leaves you feeling refreshed and clean.


The Water Supplement That Makes Your Coffee Taste Better

The water you use has a large impact on how your coffee tastes, which is why the Third Wave Water flavor optimizing coffee water supplement uses magnesium and calcium to better balance the flavor of your water. The magnesium adds a touch of sweetness to balance out bitter tap water, and the calcium helps give your brew a balanced body no matter whether you use a Keurig, percolator, Moka pot, French press, or any other type of coffee maker; Each package can make up to 12 gallons of coffee.


A Microwaveable Mat That You Can Use For Almost Anything

You can use it to grab hot items out of the microwave, or you can use the Micro Easy Grab silicone microwave mat as a trivet, hot pad, splatter guard, jar opener, placemat, pot grabber — really, if you can think of it, it'll probably do the job. Each order comes with one 10-inch and one 12-inch mat, and the non-stick material is both easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.


The Large Blanket That's Incredibly Portable

We've all been outside and wished we'd had a blanket to sit on, which is why the Monkey Mat portable blanket expands to a large 5- by 8-foot blanket but folds down to a compact 6.5-inch square pouch. This portable outdoor blanket is made from soft, water-repellent nylon that's durable as well as resistant to spills and dirt, and the corner loops allow for stakes to keep it securely in place on the ground.


A Heavy-Duty Scrubber That Won't Leave Any Scratches

Famous for being one of the most successful products to come from Shark Tank, the Scrub Daddy scratch-free scrubber has an open-celled foam design that makes it easy to remove grease and grime from surfaces as well as your hands without leaving any accidental scratches. This scrubber changes texture depending on the temperature of the water you're using it with (warm water makes it soft, whereas cool water makes it firm), so it's adaptable to almost any cleaning situation, and since it resits odors, it can last weeks without accumulating any mold.


The Stool That Takes The Strain Out Of Using The Bathroom

Most of the world squats when they use the bathroom, which aligns your intestines to make movements easier. Since that's not an option in most of the west, the Squatty Potty original bathroom toilet stool simulates the squatting position by raising your legs 7 inches, making it that much easier to eliminate waste (seriously, over 8,400 reviewers love this thing). This stool is made from durable polyurethane plastic that has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, and is designed to work with any standard or comfort-height toilet.


A Roll Of Paper Towels That Are Washable And Reusable

Paper towels may be convenient, but they're also super wasteful. The Bambooee reusable paper towels are not only made from eco-friendly bamboo rayon, but they're also machine-washable (even in the top rack of your dishwasher) up to 100 times which helps save you money in the long-run. Each roll comes with 30 sheets, and they're also stronger as well as more absorbent than traditional paper towels.


The Waffle And Flapjack Mix With 14 Grams Of Protein Per Serving

Regular waffle and pancake mix doesn't have much protein in it, but Kodiak Cakes are different — they have 14 grams of protein per serving, along with 5 grams of fiber. This pack is crunchy peanut butter and dark chocolate, and you only need to add water to these mixes in order to cook a delicious breakfast. The 100 percent whole-grain wheat flour is also a more wholesome alternative to white flour.


A Handy Tool That Prevents Hair From Clogging Your Pipes

Calling a plumber for clogged pipes can quickly become expensive, but the DrainWig shower drain solution prevents those clogs by collecting stray hairs before it becomes costly — and it saves you the trouble of having to use chemicals, too. You only need to replace the DrainWig once every two or four months, and the disposable design allows you to get rid of the hair without ever needing to touch it. Able to fit most shower drains, one Amazon reviewer raved that it's "easy to dispose of and the cute little flower decorates the drain!"


The Reusable Notebook That Uploads Your Notes To The Cloud

Whether you want to upload your notes to your iCloud, Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, or email, the Rocketbook smart notebook makes it an easy and stress-free process. The downloadable Rocketbook app works with both Android as well as iOS, and when you've filled up every page, simply put this notebook in the microwave to wipe the pages clean again. This notebook can be erased and re-used up to five times — and the polypropylene binding is durable, so you won't have to worry about it unraveling before you're done.


A Cream That Detangles And Strengthens Your Curls

Curly hair is prone to frizz because of its texture, but the Controlled Chaos curl creme works to not just eliminate flyaways and dryness — it detangles your locks while strengthening the hair shaft. This cream contains no gluten, parabens, or sulfates, and adds shine to your hair without weighing it down with any crunchiness or oiliness. Great for all types of curly hair, it even helps repair damaged hair with added aloe vera and vitamin B5 in the formula.


The Flushable Wipes That Change Your Bathroom Game

Aside from using a bidet, there is nothing as luxurious (bathroom-wise, of course) then using a wet wipe to clean yourself — and these flushable DUDE wipes are also packed with soothing aloe vera and vitamin E for some extra-soothing benefits. These wipes are 25 percent larger than competing flushable wipes, and since they're unscented you won't have to worry about the presence of any artificial fragrances.


A Fun Food Cutter That's Great For Picky Eaters

Whether you're cutting up pancakes, grilled cheese, quesadillas, or more, the FunBites food cutter makes it fun for picky eaters to get involved with their meals — and it's fantastic for setting out party foods, too. Each cutter is made from high-performance, food-grade plastic that's extremely durable, and the curved blades allow you to rock this cutter back and forth to thoroughly slice through your food without tearing it. There's also an included popper that makes it easy to eject the food from the cutter, and it's dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.


The Patch That Makes It Easy To Fix Your Drywall

You don't need to pay for a professional to fix your drywall if you've got the Wall Doctor drywall patch kit: and it requires zero tools or skills to achieve a professional and seamless look. This patch is so functional that you can even sand over it without it puncturing, and unlike traditional spackling paste, there's zero messy clean-up required. One Amazon reviewer even noted that he was "especially glad that there was extra compound leftover for touch-ups!"


A Kit That Quickly Repairs Broken Window Screens

It used to be that you had to completely replace a screen if it ripped, but with the Screenmend window screen repair kit, you can fix your torn screens in less than 60 seconds. All you have to do is use the heat from a hair dryer to adhere the replacement patch to your screen, and you can also use it on tent mesh, pool screens, RV screens, and more. Durable and weather-proof, the replacement patch in this kit measures in at 5 by 7 inches, and you can trim it to better suit your needs if necessary.


The Hardwood Floor Cleaner You Can Use On Almost Any Surface

Great for hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, and other sealed floors, the Better Life hardwood floor cleaner sets itself apart from other cleaners, since you can squirt it directly onto the surface without having to worry about rinsing or any leftover residues. There are no surfactants or petroleum in the formula since it's derived from plants, and the citrus mint scent is light yet refreshing.


A Portable Light That's Powered By The Sun

One of the few products where all the Sharks went in on a deal together, the LuminAID solar inflatable lantern is a winner: It has five different brightness settings to choose from, and can last for up to 24 hours on low mode when the battery is fully charged. This inflatable lantern can fully recharge itself after 10 hours of direct outdoor sunlight, and the collapsible design folds down to a compact 1-inch depth for easy storage. Water- and shatter-proof, this light is great for emergency preparedness, hiking, and decorating.


The Sink Stopper That Prevents Hair From Clogging Your Pipes

Designed to fit most 1.25- to 1.5-inch household drains, the Drain Strain sink stopper catches any stray hairs before they can clog your pipes. This sink stopper installs within minutes without any complicated tools, and the detachable basket can also catch any jewelry that might fall down the drain. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "I ordered a second one after installing the first one in our children's bathroom sink!"


A Heat-Free Way To Style Your Hair While You Sleep

Not only does it save you time in the morning, but the Allstar Innovations sleep styler curls your hair while you sleep without using any heat — which helps prevent frizz and flyaways overnight, and damage and breakage over time. The microfiber material is super absorbent and can hold up to five times its weight in water, but it also dries fast, so you're not laying on wet towels as you sleep. Each set comes with 12 3-inch rollers, and they're most effective when used on fine hair.


The Temporary Glue Made For Legos, Blocks, And More

Great for kids and model enthusiasts alike, the Le-Glue temporary glue lets you glue together your Legos, Mega Blocks, and more so that they stay constructed and won't fall apart if dropped. When you're done and want the individual bricks again, this glue dissolves in warm water without leaving any slimy residues, and the non-toxic formula also has a bitter taste so kiddos aren't tempted to eat it.


A Pack Of Wipes That Get You Clean Like You Took A Shower

Proven to kill up to 99.9 percent of germs, the ShowerPill body cleaning wipes give you the same fresh, clean feeling that you'd get from a shower by infusing each wipe with aloe vera and vitamin E. Great for camping, hiking, or simply avoiding taking a shower, these wipes are extra-thick and moisturize your body while removing any unwanted odors. One wipe is enough for your entire body, and many Amazon reviewers noted how the scent is pleasant and mild.


The Glass That Attaches To The Top Of Your Wine Bottle

Why bother pouring a glass of wine when you can drink straight from the bottle with the Guzzle Buddy wine bottle glass? This glass pops into your favorite bottle of wine, so you can drink from the bottle with some added flair — and the strong borosilicate material is durable for bottles to come. Great as a gag gift, this glass also has a silicone sleeve that ensures a perfect seal, so you don't have to worry about any leaks or spills.


A Bluetooth Speaker That Helps You Personalize Your Pet

Simply download the free smartphone app, and you can use the G.O.A.T. Bluetooth pet speaker to give your pet a customizable "voice" that's fun for kids and adults alike. You can also use this speaker to stream music or as an LED light, and it's even water-resistant so you won't have to worry about it breaking in bad weather. The built-in clip makes it easy to attach to your waistband or pet's collar, and each charge lasts for up to eight hours.


The Handy Tool That Takes The Effort Out Of Shaving An Even Beard

The multiple curves allow for dozens of different angles and shapes when shaving your beard — so The Cut Buddy beard shaping tool is great for at-home use, especially if you're not that great at maintaining a beard or mustache. This tool is flexible, and each order also comes with a professional barber tracing pencil that makes getting a perfect, accurate shave a breeze.


A Ring That's Made Out Of Silicone To Prevent Injuries

If you do a lot of physical activity, you know it's sometimes dangerous to wear a wedding ring for some of them — there's plenty of accidents that can come from it. This Enso Rings braided ring is made from durable yet flexible silicone that won't break during everyday wear and tear, yet will safely pull apart in the event of an emergency so that your fingers stay safe. These rings are lightweight and look great when stacked on top of each other, and many Amazon reviewers also noted how high-quality they look in person.


The Portable Wine Glass That Holds Half Of A Bottle Of Wine

This GOVERRE portable wine glass is great for any picnic or outdoor event. It's made from thick white glass that hides the contents of the cup while preserving the taste of your wine, and since it's shatter-resistant, you won't have to worry about any accidental drops. The silicone sleeve helps prevent your body heat from heating up the wine, and the drink-through lid can be sealed to prevent any spills or leaks while in transit.


An Ointment That Heals Wounds And Prevents Dry Skin

Whether you've got scrapes, burns, rashes, scars, or cuts, The Doc Spartan combat ready ointment uses refined coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil to help heal your wounds quicker than they would naturally. Great for first aid kits and medicine cabinets alike, this ointment is gentle enough that it can also work as a daily moisturizer to prevent any dry, patchy areas of skin from cracking or ripping.


The Earplugs That Filter Out Lower Volumes That Ruin Your Sound Quality

Whereas traditional earplugs simply block out all noise, the Vibes high fidelity concert earplugs are designed to filter out the lower audio frequencies that can muddy up the sound quality — leaving you with a crystal-clear concert experience that won't leave your ears ringing at the end of the night. The outer shell is translucent so that they're barely noticeable when you're wearing them, and each order comes with three different sizes of silicone earbuds: small, medium, and large.


A Kit That Lets You Cut Perfectly Straight Bangs At Home

Trying to trim your bangs on your own is a surefire way to gamble on your hairstyle, but with the CreaProducts original bangs and scissors you can save yourself a trip to the salon and cut your bangs evenly right at home. Each kit comes with a pair of shears and a level that attaches and moves with your bangs, allowing you to maintain a straight and even cut. You can also turn it diagonal for angled style or layers, and many Amazon reviewers noted how easy it was to use.


The Night Light That Attaches To The Inside Of Your Toilet Bowl

With three different brightness settings to choose from, the IllumiBowl toilet night light is great for anyone looking to save their eyes whenever they get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This night light also has nine different color settings to choose from, along with a carousel mode that cycles through each, and the flexible arm contours to the shape of your toilet bowl so that it stays securely fastened. And because it's motion-activated, this light only turns on when someone is in the room, which helps save you money on replacement batteries.


A Fire Starter That Works On Top Of Water, Snow, And More

No it's not a joke — the InstaFire eco-friendly fire starter can actually burn on top of water, sleet, snow, ice, or practically anywhere, as it's naturally insulated and can even sustain winds up to 30 miles per hour. Each pouch can burn for about 25 minutes, and one pack of 12 can start up to 48 fires. Unlike lighter fluids and other fire-starting alternatives, this one is completely natural and relies on recycled wood, volcanic rock, and paraffin wax to burn cleanly — and the leftover ash can even work as a natural fertilizer.


The Placemat That Sticks To Any Flat Surface To Prevent Spills

Made from durable silicone that's hypoallergenic as well as antibacterial, the EzPz mini mat is designed to suction down onto any flat surface, so younger children can't flip it over and make a mess everywhere. This mat can fit most highchair trays, and since it's compact and lightweight, you can easily take it with you when dining out or traveling.


A Spray That Keeps Fleas, Ticks, And Mosquitos At Bay

Use it on dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes to prevent fleas and ticks from entering your home, or even use the Wondercide flea and tick control spray all over your home as an alternative to chemical treatments. This spray is made with human-grade ingredients so that it's safe around children, and the fresh lemongrass scent is a pleasant addition in any home.


The Laundry Soap That Saves You Money Over Time

Made from dried Indian soap berry shells, all it takes are four or five of the Eco Nuts organic laundry soap in with your load of laundry (no fabric softener necessary!) for a hypoallergenic clean that's great for sensitive skin and delicate on fabrics. These laundry berries can be re-used up to 10 times, and they're also certified USDA organic and vegan.


A Solution That Un-Shrinks Wool And Cashmere

Did your favorite wool sweater shrink in the dryer? Not a problem with the Unshrinkit clothing solution, as this laundry liquid relaxes the bonds within the proteins inside the wool, allowing you to straighten out the fabric back to its original shape. Able to work on wool blends as well as 100 percent wool garments (even a shirt with 5 percent wool can be un-shrunk), one Amazon reviewer raved that her sweater is now "the softest it has ever been" after using Unshrinkit.


The Soap That Uses Dirt To Absorb Toxins From Your Skin

It may seem counterintuitive to infuse a soap with dirt, but the dirt (really: cosmetics-grade clay) in the Grip Clean industrial hand soap is specially formulated to absorb any toxins as it cleans your hands — removing grease, oil, sap, odors, and more while coconut and olive oil moisturize your skin. Non-toxic as well as vegan, this soap is safe to use all over your entire body, and the added volcanic pumice gives you a light scrubbing texture that makes it easy to get a deep, exfoliating clean.

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