From Flutes To Coupes, These Are The Best Champagne Glasses

Whether it’s a celebration or a night for two, getting the most out of your champagne will depend on the glass you choose to drink from. When looking for the best champagne glasses, you’ll want to consider their shape and style, as well as what you will be using them for. Ranging from flute, stemless, tulip, and coupe style glasses, each option has its advantages.

To get the most taste from your champagne, consider a tulip-shaped glass. It has a rounder bowl, similar to a wine glass, and will help trap the aromas from your champagne while preserving the bubbles. The drawback is that it can be a little heavier to hold throughout the night. Flute glasses, on the other hand, are long and narrow with a thin stem for easy handling, but since the bowl is taller, the taste in the champagne may not be fully experienced. While this may seem like a disadvantage, the folks at Wine Folly suggest that it may work in your favor for cheaper spirits, helping to hide certain flaws in the champagne and add more spritz. Coupe glasses (aka saucers) and stemless glasses are both fun for decorative reasons, but their design doesn’t necessarily prioritize carbonation as much as other glass styles do.

While all of this information may seem a little tricky to navigate, I’ve researched and read through countless Amazon reviews to help you find the right champagne glasses for your celebratory needs. My picks range in style and type, but all are reusable and easy-to-wash. Read on to find your perfect champagne glass.


The Overall Best

What’s great about it: Also reviewed and highly recommended by Wirecutter, this Riedel Vinum Cuvée Prestige set has all the factors in making an amazing champagne glass. You get the best of both worlds, since the glass is tulip-shaped but can still be considered a flute due to its thin and light stem. Easy to carry and grip, perhaps the highlight of this glass is its ability to enhance flavors while preserving bubbles due to its etched bottom.

The design is both sophisticated and efficient, and the glasses are lead-free, making them dishwasher safe, however, it is recommended that you wash them by hand. The set comes with two glasses, which makes it more ideal for every day and personal use, unless you decide to buy multiple sets.

What fans say: “These are beautiful, well made glasses. We wanted something a bit larger for champagne and mimosas, and these are perfect!"


The Most Cost-Effective

What’s great about it: Designed with a tulip-shaped bowl, these Luigi Bormioli Prestige glasses are highly functional, with narrow sides to maintain chillness and bring out the bubbles. Available in a set of four, it also comes with a 25-year guarantee and is built to outlast any breakage, damage, or discoloration. The lead-free glass is high-tech blown with SON.hyx technology that makes it extremely durable and dishwasher-safe.

Each glass is also reinforced with titanium, which permanently treats and protects the stem from abrasion. However, it’s important to note that the 9.5-ounce glasses are a little heavier and taller than others, which may make them a little more difficult to hold all night long. But based on the price and effectiveness, this set is a great lead-free crystal option.

What fans say: “These champagne glasses are just stunning. They manage to be basically traditional and at the same time really modern looking, even kind of space-age. They have the appeal of both a straight sided flute and a curvy tulip shape. I plan to store them in the box for safe keeping. I bought another four as soon as I got the first four and realized how fabulous they are. Perfect for a French 75: curl of lemon rind, 1.5 oz gin, 1.5 oz lemon juice, .5 oz simple syrup in the shaker then into the flute, and top with brut rose champagne.”


The Best Investment

What’s great about it: Elegantly designed, these Vindi Design Toasting flutes are shaped to keep the bubbles flowing. They also feature a long stem to ensure the warmth from your hands won’t affect the champagne. These flutes make a great gift but are also a great investment; they're both versatile and durable, crafted to prevent shatters or breakage. They come with a designer gift box with foam padding for safekeeping.

The glasses are made with crystal that is 100-percent lead-free. However, the manufacturer does recommend that the glasses be washed by hand. It’s also important to note that since the shape of the glass is more narrow, you may not get to experience the full aroma of your champagne like you would with a tulip-shaped glass, but the upside is that it can hide certain imperfections when you're enjoying thriftier wine.

What fans say: “My wife and I got these gorgeous flutes for her cousin’s engagement party and they were the perfect gift. They look beautiful and are definitely something that she plans on having forever. The details on these are impressive. The silver in the stem is stunning and the logo on the bottom is a nice accent. My wife had to order a pair for herself she liked them so much. We will for sure be ordering more in the future whenever we need a gift.”


The Most Timeless

What’s great about it: For those who love having themed parties and enjoy drinking out of something classic, these Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal glass saucers are a great pick. They’re available in a set of six, which makes them ideal for more intimate parties. The glasses are made with lead-free crystal glass that's durable and can be put in the dishwasher. However, drinking from these glasses is more for aesthetic; since the bowl is wide and short, the bubbles will dissolve more quickly and make your champagne taste softer than it would with other glass styles.

What fans say: “These glasses are lovely and just what I wanted for serving a special champagne drink to guests. They are a nice height and the glass isn’t too thin. Very happy with this purchase."


The Best Plastic Glasses

What’s great about it: If you’re planning a larger celebration, these TOSSWARE plastic flutes are extremely convenient for one-time use, with no need to worry about accidents or breakage. With an upscale, stemless design, they're made out of recycled PET polymer that is high quality and 100-percent BPA-free. The flutes are recyclable, but if you do decide to reuse them, you’ll want to be sure to hand-wash them. It’s also important to consider that these stemless flutes won’t necessarily bring out flavors or preserve bubbles throughout the entire night, and they may cause champagne to lose its chill more quickly from the warmth of your hands. For some people, it's a worthy tradeoff for the low price and easy cleanup factor.

What fans say: “I purchased these for a reception as I wanted something disposable but recyclable and still presentable. They worked wonderfully and several guests commented on them. Being able to remove the stem is perfect for kids. These are very sturdy, well priced, and simple.”

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