The 5 Best Cheap Sheet Masks

When it comes to the most affordable face masks, it can be hard to find the ones that don't sacrifice quality. To find the best cheap sheet masks, you'll want to know what ingredients to look for — as well as what ingredients to avoid.

You'll first want to think about your skin type and needs, as that will help you decide the best ingredients to look for. Face masks with vitamin C, for example, can help fix existing sun damage, while green tea masks will offer a boost of antioxidants, and honey masks will offer nourishment and hydration. For those with sensitive skin, I recommend trying a mask that's designed with a hypoallergenic cotton sheet, which tends to be more gentle than the typical non-woven fiber sheets (I've included one in my list below).

It’s also important to know that your sheet masks are free from potentially harmful or irritating ingredients — finding a cheap mask isn’t worth it if it causes an unexpected allergic reaction. What you'll want to look out for in particular are mineral oils, parabens, and artificial colors, which most of my picks avoid.

Searching for a great quality mask at a cheaper price can be a daunting task, which is why I've done the research and read through reviews to save you the hassle. Read on to find the best sheet masks for your face.