These Clothing Racks Are Clutch If You're Low On Closet Space

Walk-in closets are great, but not everyone has such vast accommodations for their clothing. The best clothes racks, however, offer some much-needed extra space for organizing and storing everything from seasonal wardrobes to shoes and accessories... for a super affordable price you can snag online.

Though the idea of clothes racks might seem simple enough (they hang stuff, blah blah blah), there are actually quite a few different options out there. Depending on your goals — factors like the number of pieces you need to store and the size of your living space — you can find ones with built-in shelves or other perks like moisture-wicking covers and space-saving features including collapsible frames and wall mounts. Portable clothes racks are also a thing for on-the-go organizing. There are. no. limits.

So before you settle on pricey built-in organizers or attempt to build an extra closet for your wardrobe overflow, consider investing in a (way cheaper) rack. Below, I've compiled a list of some of the best ones you'll find on Amazon. Whether you're searching for a complementary storage piece to hold all the clothes your closet can't handle or an alternative clothes storage solution for small spaces, they won't disappoint.


Best Overall: A Collapsible Clothes Rack With Wheels And The Heaviest Storage Capacity

When you need a clothes rack that's truly portable — no lifting or muscle required — this rack with a 360-degree rolling base is a solid pick. It has a simple steel top rail that can extend from 36 to 52 inches wide in addition to two durable bottom bars that can store boxes and other bulky items. The best part? Unlike its counterparts, it can safely hold up to 198 pounds and is collapsible when not in use. Reviewers say that assembling this rack is super simple and, as you can imagine, it's shockingly sturdy.


A Compact, Multi-Use Rack With Hooks And Shelving

This versatile rack is a great option for someone seeking maximum storage in a sleek package. Featuring a three-tier shelf on the bottom, 18 hooks up top, and a hanging rack for things like belts and umbrellas, it would make the perfect mega-functional statement bedroom piece or narrow hallway organizer. Plus, thanks to shelf space for shoes and bags, you can really get creative with bins and baskets. While it's not the best for storing hangers, it is available in two colors — the pictured white and a black one, too — and painless to assemble with the included tools. With 71 percent of reviewers giving this rack a five-star rating, it's one of the most popular options you'll find.


A Cheap Garment Rack That Can Also Be Used As A Drying Rack

Don't let the compact size or really affordable price of this dual-purpose clothes rack fool you: It boasts a stable trifold design with three arms that fit a total of 36 hangers for either storing clothing or air-drying laundry. Unfortunately, reviewers say the rack doesn't come with extensions to make it taller, but it's a sturdy option that folds up to store until you need it. Plus, you can't beat its $18 price tg!


A Durable Rack With A Protective Cover That Keeps Clothes Safe

If you’re searching for a rack that can be used to store and a good amount of clothing, this easy-to-assemble one from Whitmor can hold up to 50 pounds of stuff and comes with a washable zippered cover that wicks away moisture and keeps dust and pests out. It even has a clear window so you can see what's inside without unzipping the entire thing. Despite the great cover, this rack isn’t just used to store clothing in attics or basements. Reviewers also use it in bedrooms to store clothing like wool, which is more fickle.


A Set Of Mountable Racks That Won't Take Up Floor Space

For a space-saving solution that won't even touch your floor, opt for a floating clothes rack like this hanging steel closet bar set. It comes with two mountable bars that can expand from 20 to 32 inches wide, and you can really play with height by mounting multiple shelves on your wall for a customizable storage solution that works well with hangers, long pants, and anything that can be easily draped. The screws, sadly, aren't included, but reviewers say the bars themselves are sturdy and best for lightweight clothing.

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