The Best Clothes Storage For Small Spaces

I don’t think anybody’s ever had the thought, "What will I do with all this storage space?" More often than not, you go a little overboard during a shopping spree and wonder if your house will just become a mountain of clothes. Thankfully, the best clothes storage for small spaces can turn your oversized wardrobe into a more manageable space.

Even if your closet is super tiny (I know I've had some crazy small closets in my life), there are always ways to make that space even more useful — think adding an extra hanging bar to instantly double your storage capacity, or investing in hangers that consolidates a dozen garments down to a sweaters worth of space.

Or, maybe you don't even have a closet (again, I've been there). Between affordable shelves and under the bed storage, you can still keep all your clothes in order. And pro tip: if you really want to save space, bust out some vacuum bags. They suck all the air out of your garments, so an entire winter wardrobe of clothes winds up being less than half its original size. Then, pop it under your bed or in your dresser for simple space-saving storage.

You may not have a lot of space now, but that doesn't mean your clothes have to suffer. These genius storage solutions will make your small space feel like you can fit all your clothes and then some — you know, for the next time you go shopping.

1. This Multi-Armed Hanger That Holds At Least 8 Garments

Axis International Strappy Closet Organizer, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Not only does this hanger consolidate eight strappy camis, tank tops, and dresses onto a single hanger, it's also designed to prevent them from slipping off and falling to the floor. At ten bucks for two hangers you can condense a closet's worth of clothing (read: 16 garments) onto two hangers.


2. This Rack That Holds 36 Pairs Of Shoes

Whitmor 36-Pair OTD Shoe Rack, $21, Amazon

While most shoe racks have a one-size-fits-all design, this patented storage system accommodates tall boots as well as ballet flats thanks to the shelves which simply flip up or down. Plus, it's easy to assemble (no tools required), hangs on the back of any standard door, and holds up to 36 pairs of shoes.


3. This Hanger That Holds All Of Your Accessories

InterDesign Axis Scarf Hanger, $12, Amazon

Thousands of Amazon reviewers have left glowing reviews about this chic, copper-colored accessories organizer that consolidates up to 18 scarves, belts, and ties onto a single hanger. Plus, the thick solid, steel wire forms continuous loops, so you'll never get a snag.


4. This Rod That Instantly Doubles Your Closet Space

Whitmor Double Closet Rod, $10, Amazon

You can essentially double your closet space in seconds with this hanging closet rod. Simply hang the bar from the rod above and suddenly all that unused space beneath your clothes becomes prime storage. The bar itself is 30 inches long and hangs just over 32 inches below the bar above.


5. These Hangers That Store Three Items In The Space Of One

Tosnail Add-On Hangers, $15 (12 Pack), Amazon

Theses two clipped hangers are great for pants and skirts, but it's the second, lower hook that makes these hangers really special. This simple hook allows you to hang these hangers one after another until your clothes hit the floor. That way, you can get three, or sometimes four garments hanging in the amount of space that one sweater would take up.


6. These Vacuum Bags With A Cult Following On Amazon

SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Storage Bags, $26 (6 Pack), Amazon

These jumbo vacuum storage bags feature a unique double-zip seal and triple-seal turbo valve that are designed to get and keep every ounce of air out. According to the company, they have 80 percent more compression than their competitors, and their stellar Amazon reviews back that claim up. They are made from an anti-microbial material that ensures all of your clothing stays dust-, mildew-, and bacteria-free while you keep them in storage. And if you don't have a vacuum, don't worry. This set of extra large bags comes with a travel pump, so you can experience the shrinkage even when you don't have a vacuum handy.


7. These Hangers Seriously Consolidate Your Closet

Wonder Hanger, Magical Space-Saving Hangers, $22, Amazon

Hang 10 garments in a fraction of the space with these cascading chrome hangers. They're easy to use, compatible with a variety of hangers including plastic, wood, or wire, and come in a pack of four.


8. This Extra Closet That Hangs From Your Door

Whitmor Over-the-Door Closet Rod, $12, Amazon

Instantly turn any door into a closet with this hanging rod. The over-the-door rod installs in about two seconds and holds up to 20 pounds of clothing. It takes up less space than free standing rack, and you can hang it in any room in the house.


9. This Rolling Basket That Maximizes The Space Under Your Bed

Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart, $19, Amazon

At just under 7 inches tall, this heavy-duty steel rolling cart is the perfect way to maximize storage space under a bed. Plus, the wheels aren't only convenient for access, they elevate the basket enough to protect the contents from dust, dirt, and spills making it perfect for clothing, blankets, and other soft goods.


10. This Closet Organizers With Two Sides Of Storage

Honla Dual-Sided Hanging Closet Organizer, $10, Amazon

This sturdy, polyester two-sided organizer features 16 small pockets on the front and two large pockets on the back. Plus, the hook rotates 360 degrees, so you slide it neatly in your closet, hang it on the back of a door, or fold it up and pop it in a luggage to take it with you on vacation.


11. This Instant Closet That Collapses Down When It's Not In Use

Stock Your Home Folding Clothes Hanger Wall Mounted Retractable Clothes Rack, $15, Amazon

Instantly get additional closet space anywhere in your home with this retractable clothing rack. Mount it anywhere you may need extra hanging space (think: laundry room, dorm room, studio apartment), and this collapsible "closet" provides 10 extra inches of prime hanging restate and holds up to 60 pounds. Plus, when it's not in use it retracts so it's out of the way.


12. These Vacuum Bags That Are A Great Way To Store Coats

Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, $30 (Pack of 6), Amazon

Thanks to the attached hangers, this set of reusable vacuum-seal bags makes storing coats and sweaters easier and more efficient. Simply vacuum out all of the air and your bulky jacket suddenly takes up only half the space. Then, pop it back in the closet via the attached hanger, so they're easy to find when the weather gets cold again.


13. This Hanging Device That Gives You Instant Cubbies

Whitmor 4-Section Closet Organizer w/Rod, $22, Amazon

With this dynamic closet organizer you can add cubby storage without loosing hanging space. It hangs from the existing closet rod and gives you four quadrants of additional space. Plus, since it comes with its own rod at the bottom, you can still hang your clothes.


14. This Trapper Keeper For Your T-Shirts

EZSTAX Closet Organizer System, $23, Amazon

This T-shirt organizer might look strange, but it's actually genius. It individually wraps each tee in clear plastic, making them easier to store and find. Want to pull a T-shirt from the middle of the pile without leaving other clothes in disarray? Now you can. And they're not just great for organizing drawers, they also make a great travel accessory. Just pop them in a luggage and your tees will stay wrinkle-free.


15. These Bamboo Charcoal Organizers That Keep Your Clothes Mildew-Free

Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Clothing Organizer Bags, $16 (Set of 3), Amazon

These clothing organizers may look like any other storage containers, but the unique bamboo charcoal fiber sheet inside each box wicks away moisture and keeps clothing smelling fresh and mildew-free. Plus, the clear plastic window lets you see what's inside, so your clothes are easy to find when you need them. The boxes come in a set of three and are available in two colors (gray and brown), and two sizes (7.8 inches tall and 9.8 inches tall).


16. This Rolling Storage Storage Cart That Will Hold All Of Your Pants

Storage Dynamics Rolling Pants Trolley, $31, Amazon

This rolling trolley offers 18 vinyl coated, removable hangers designed specifically to hold pants. It's 28 inches tall, which makes it perfect for sliding into your closet to help utilizes the space under your hanging clothes, and then rolls out so you can easily see all your items.


17. These Dividers That Make Your Shelves Seem Super Spacious

Evelots Closet Shelf Dividers, $17 (Set of 4), Amazon

The sturdy, plastic-coated wire shelf dividers help you maximize your closet space by decluttering your shelves. Each shelf snaps into place, dividing up your shelf into cubbies so you can neatly stack clothes and prevent them from tumbling over. This set comes with four frames that are designed to work with any wire shelf.


18. These S-Shaped Hangers That Your Pants Won't Slip Off Of

DOIOWN S-Type Stainless Steel Hanger, $22 (3 Piece), Amazon

Hang up to five pairs of pants in the space of one hanger with these high-quality S-shaped hangers. These stainless steel hanger won't rust, they're sturdy enough to handle your heaviest clothes, and they're designed to prevent your pants from slipping off and ending up in a pile on the floor.


19. This Basket That Adds Storage Under Your Shelves

InterDesign York Lyra Under Shelf Organizer Basket, $11, Amazon

Thanks to this sturdy, wire hanging basket the space under your shelves will no longer go to waste. There's no installation required, simply slide the basket on the shelf and you'll instantly have additional storage space. It's about 12 inches deep, 10 inches wide, and 5 inches tall, and is available in bronze (shown), white, or silver.


20. This Shoe Storage Drawer For Under The Bed

ZizHome Under Bed Shoe Organizer, $13, Amazon

Store up to 12 pairs of shoes in this zip top, fabric drawer that's designed slide right underneath of your bed. The clear cover zips up to prevent dust from accumulating on your shoes and makes it easy to see what you've stored. Plus, the sewn-in handle lets you pull this out from under your bed.


21. This Hanging Storage That Adds A Drawer Wherever You Need It

mDesign Chevron Fabric Hanging Closet Drawer, $11, Amazon

The chevron-printed fabric drawer hangs from any wire shelf with its super easy velcro straps. Just hook them around wire shelving and you've got a place for T-shirts, intimates, or pretty much anything else.


22. This Slide-Out Pants Hanger You Can Mount In Your Closet

Closet Pants Hanger Bar, $65, Amazon

Attach this wall mounted hanger to the side of your closet for additional (and super convenient) storage space. The rack holds nine pairs of pants or skirts and slides out for easy access. The chrome construction is durable and won't rust, even after years of use.


23. These Vacuum-less Vacuum-Seal Bags That Gives You 75 Percent More Space

Arti Art Space Saver Storage Bags, $17 (Pack of 8), Amazon

This variety pack of eight space-saving storage bags doesn't require an actual vacuum or even a pump to achieve a tight vacuum seal. Just stuff the bag full of clothes, roll it up, and watch the bag shrink! When you're done, the bag shrinks down to a quarter of its former size, giving you 75 percent more storage space.

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