The Best Clothes Storage For Small Spaces

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I don’t think anybody’s ever had the thought, "What will I do with all this storage space?" More often than not, you go a little overboard during a shopping spree and wonder if your house will just become a mountain of clothes. Thankfully, the best clothes storage for small spaces can turn your oversized wardrobe into a more manageable space.

Even if your closet is super tiny (I know I've had some crazy small closets in my life), there are always ways to make that space even more useful — think adding an extra hanging bar to instantly double your storage capacity, or investing in hangers that consolidates a dozen garments down to a sweaters worth of space.

Or, maybe you don't even have a closet (again, I've been there). Between affordable shelves and under the bed storage, you can still keep all your clothes in order. And pro tip: if you really want to save space, bust out some vacuum bags. They suck all the air out of your garments, so an entire winter wardrobe of clothes winds up being less than half its original size. Then, pop it under your bed or in your dresser for simple space-saving storage.

You may not have a lot of space now, but that doesn't mean your clothes have to suffer. These genius storage solutions will make your small space feel like you can fit all your clothes and then some — you know, for the next time you go shopping.

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